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Better late than never…


Nike utilized a multi-directional traction pattern with the use of a pivot circle in the the center. When I first saw the outsole, I knew they would be solid. Well, they were more than solid. This was some of the best traction I have ever used. Whether playing on a clean, dusty, or outdoor court, these things gripped the floor flawlessly. After an hour of playing in them, the rubber outsole was completely broken in. There was no looking back from there.

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Cushion was, without a doubt, my least favorite part of the shoe. I say it time and time again, having knee tendonitis sucks. As much as I appreciate the amazing court feel that the Kyrie 2¬†offers, my knees say otherwise. After playing in them for two hours everyday, my knees felt sore…more than usual. Sure, I can play through the pain, but I prefer a shoe that will help me in the long run. As for tech, there isn’t much, other than a Zoom unit in the heel. (Which I can’t even feel.) The rest of the midsole is composed of a dense Phylon foam.

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Nike utilized Fuse in the forefoot and mesh in the heel. Why they couldn’t use mesh throughout? I don’t know, but that would make the shoe 100x better. The Fuse starts out pretty stiff, but after a few days of play, they brake in decently. If they stuck with mesh throughout the entire shoe, the performance would change drastically. The HyperRev 2016 has mesh all over and retails for $110, so why can’t you do it in this model, Nike?

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The Kyrie 2 fits true to size and provides a pretty nice fit. The back half of the shoe was flawless, as the mesh did a great job of keeping me locked in. The use of the strap helped, but it wasn’t necessary. Personally, I think it’s there for design purposes. As far as the forefoot is concerned, I felt secure at all times. I didn’t feel a super snug, one-to-one fit at any time, but I also didn’t have any dead space either. The fit was above average.

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I can’t lie, I was very skeptical of the rounded outsole when I first saw the Kyrie 2. Even after shooting around for a while, I was hesitant when making cuts. I felt unstable when walking in them, but it just takes some getting used to. The rounded outsole was something I had never experienced…and it sure was strange at first. Once again, it takes about an hour to get used to, and then you’ll be all set. Not once did I roll my ankle in the shoe. This was just a mental thing that I had to get over. As far as the materials, they are very supportive. As I always say, the stiffer the materal, the more support you will have. These are very supportive along the upper.

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The Kyrie 2 is a decent shoe overall. If you play with a similar style to Kyrie or CP3, then you will enjoy these. If you’re a high flyer or have any knee issues, you might want to go with a shoe with more cushion. Trust me, if I didn’t have any problems with my knees, I would be playing in these a lot, solely for the traction.

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  1. Spot on review. Traction is stupid good, court feel is good, materials do their job, containment and fit are right on. Only experience I had different from the rest of the wearfesters’ reviews are that I didn’t think it took very long to get used to the curved bottom. For my pair at least, it only took around five minutes before I felt comfortable going full speed with cuts. As everyone has said, good performer for quick, shifty guards. Now I’m about to try the All Star Roses with the Primeknit. Definitely looking forward to those.

  2. Good performance review by Zak. Traction sounds sick but, cushioning is a downer. I like them but maybe the D Lillard 2 would be better because of the cushioning?

  3. Hi guys I already did that with the micro g insole.. Nothing different a bit softer feel but no cushion added at all..
    I hate this pair it is so good looking and performs worse than the first hyperfuse
    It is my 3 d game wearing them .. Blisters and pain everywhere .. I am going to use them outdoors
    I got the xmas pair is so good looking

  4. Am I the only person who can feel zoom in the back (not extremely pronounced, but I can feel that it’s there)/who doesn’t feel pain in my legs after playing in them? I have played a few pickup sessions (of At least 3 hours each) in my infernos and bhms, and I really like them…I am a 6’0″, 180, highly active guard, not a high flyer, more of a poor man’s harden, ginobili game

  5. I don’t feel the heel much while playing but notice it when walking. Haven’t really felt sore knees either? But I’m pretty scrawny.

  6. Got these shoes for my sons basketball team 15u, and the ankles started rolling! Had to invest in ankle braces and by the end of the year, only a few kids were still wearing them…

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