Nike Kyrie 1 – First Impression

The start of a new era is here.

Here is a first impression on the highly anticipated new signature model from Nike, the Kyrie 1. Sitting at a retail price of $110, the Kyrie 1 is one of the better bargains on todays market, considering its the official sneaker of a superstar athlete. The Hyperfuse upper, forefoot Zoom Air, and dynamic traction carry the tech found in the Kyrie 1, while interesting colorways, and a high fashion inspired design, carry the aesthetic features on this new signature model. Overall the Kyrie 1 looks to make a statement with its first outing, and there is only one way to find out… #WearTesters.

You can pick up the Kyrie 1 at now.


  1. I need a good outdoor baksetball shoe that someone uses that has great traction and cushion what do you personally use outdoors jarron

  2. I suggest waiting until next year for the new kobe mentality team shoe. I just got them from footlocker and they have kobe 8 cushion and the traction is great. They’re 100 bucks too.

  3. I messed up going TTS I think. I did feel that tightness where the midfoot transitions to the forefoot, but I also thought(still hoping after hooping) they would break in. The kicker about exchanging them out now is that they’re all sold out!

    That was interesting that you noticed the those half circle foam inserts for the Revs because I didn’t until this video.

    Back to the fit though. There are those forefoot mini wings towards the forefoot in there that might be what’s causing that too tight fit.

  4. Makes me dread tomorrow when my shipment comes in. Normally a 10.5. Stayed TTS but I can wear an 11 in lost shoes also – thinking maybe half up would have been good

      1. My take on sizing – half up would have been way too long for me. I have about a thumb width space iny TTS. Width, yeah, they are tight but so far not unwearable. I don’t know if they stretch being Fuse but they should break in and not be as stiff, making them feel better. Out of the box, didn’t know Zoom was there. Yet. Court time tomorrow. Someone below asked about weight – a little heavier than my Zoom Structure. Haven’t been able to officially weigh them but for the looks they are light.

  5. Got mine today, the look is perfect on the dream 1 model, as far as indoor/outdoor I’d lean toward in. It seems stiff compared to my soldier 8. Breaking them in is essential. Overall I like these better than most other signature shoes of the year and the shark teeth look crazy with the spikes on the back.furthermore the glue problems I’ve had with every Lebron in the previous models had me waiting to find problems on these and none to report. Solid shoe.

    1. Great, congrats, enjoy them!
      One crucial point for me: how light do they feel?
      Can’t find any data about the weight anywhere.
      Would much appreciate your feedback.
      Thanks a lot!

  6. Kobe mentality is a great outdoors model to me, the drop in sole is great and its very flexible minus ankle support being a low, but I love that freedom outdoors. My rating on that shoe is 9.5 and the price point is perfect to rock a SIG model.

  7. Zoom unit in these is pretty uninspiring imo (right along with Jarron’s expectations). The unit felt similar to the Zoom Crusader’s. I would say a step down in the zoom unit in the KD 7, if you favor responsiveness.

  8. The TTS is legit after all. I didn’t have any constricting pain once I finally got on the court and not just walking around my place in them.

    At first the heel lock down concerned me, but then I realized going all the way up to the top eyelets was necessary.

  9. Still breaking them in… I play on a dusty court. Traction is a okay to me hopefully it will change.. They will squeak all over the court, but its something about the lateral when playing defense, I’m not getting the stop on a dime grip, I’m sliding. I hate sliding. Especially coming from the cp3 7, best traction I’ve had.

    I love the heel cushion though in the kyrie.

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