Nike Kyrie 1 ‘Dream’ – Available Now

The debut of Kyrie Irving’s signature shoe in the Nike Kyrie 1 ‘Dream’ can be purchased over at Nike Store as soon as December 23rd. The sneaker boasts traction that rides up onto the midsole, making it an interesting option for those in need of court grip. The Hyperfuse upper should provide decent breathability as well. Stay tuned for a performance review of the sneaker.

Click HERE for the link to cop the Nike Kyrie 1 ‘Dream’:

Nike Kyrie 1 'Dream' - Available Now Nike Kyrie 1 'Dream' - Available Now2 Nike Kyrie 1 'Dream' - Available Now3 Nike Kyrie 1 'Dream' - Available Now4

Images via @TheSmarmyBum.


  1. I think it’s pretty lame. Like they were just trying to get a Kyrie shoe out and didn’t put much thought into it.

  2. My new saying around here: “I’m going to wait for the badges.”

    That traction pattern on the outsole is relevant to my interest. Now I need the cushion to be for these knees.

    1. I was thinking the same thing, but I could not pass up on this colorway. Simple and crazy at the same time, plus they remind me of the first hyperfuse lows that ever came out which was my all time favorite shoe in high school. If the cushion is subpar an insole swap with the flightposite insole would make these pillows forsure.

      1. How are you liking them? I’m going for the M11 Christmas right now and I feel like I might snatch a pair now before they’re gone. I mean $110 is a low risk for me. Thing is that they’re not returnable after purchase.

  3. These look mad ugly with ankle or no show socks.

    Even with crew cut, I don’t think anything can help this shoe look wise.

  4. I held them in hand yesterday and I was impressed. They are by date the cheapest Quick Strike pair of shoes I’ve seen at $110. Those who don’t know what QS means, it means that they’re a hot limited release and you can’t return them to store after purchase. I don’t understand how these fall under QS, but oh well. The traction grooves are like REALLY wicked; I’m think CP3 VI Hall of Fame status. They are also light and sturdy when held in hand. This might be a buy now and ask questions later purchase if you don’t want to wait on the red pair.

    When was the last time you got behind a 1st generation sig pair? John Wall would’ve been my first, but I passed after reading the review.

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