Nike Kobe 11 W/ Full Length Zoom – Performance Review

In this performance review we find out if full length Zoom really does make the Nike Kobe 11 better.

The retail version of the Kobe 11 Elite features a Lunarlon and Zoom cushion system, but NikeiD allows you to customize the cushion setup to a full length Zoom or Lunarlon drop in midsole. Even though it may cost a pretty penny, if you’re serious about your cushion or picky about what you play in, the premium price may be san after thought.

But how much better does a full length Zoom midsole perform than the retail version of the Kobe 11? Only one way to find out…

Check out my full Performance Review of the Kobe 11 here.
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NikeiD Kobe 11 – Detailed Review


  1. sorry this is random but does he talk like he’s got braces on, but he doesn’t?

    anyway, great review, but i would like to know if he actually has braces on cos i can’t tell from the video, thank you

      1. I gotta say I am impressed that you answered such a whack question with class! You sound perfectly clear and legit, plus your dialect or accent..was not even close to being thick enough for someone to mention!! I am from the midwest and do not have any kind of foreign accent btw so I can definitely here different dialects relatively easy. Any real dude can see you don’t have braces or sound like you do and I am just bothered enough to post my opinion because I honestly thought it was a pretty ignorant post that they put on your review. Anyway, I really appreciate the review, I havnt had a chance to play in the Kobe xi yet but I have been thinking about buying a pair of lebron xi to swap midsoles with my Kobe ix elite bhm! Found a decent pair for 70 bucks….JARRON do you think its worth it especially considering ill play in the lebrons too but they will have the Kobe ix lunarlon midsoles obviously once I swap?

  2. Thanks for the review. Its total BS that Nike wont sell the insoles (midsoles) separately. Especially since the NikeID versions of the Kobe XI use different upper material (Or just a $hitload more glue) than the retail version. $265+tax?!? Maybe if I was one of those lucky people who got 15-20% off coupons. Not about to spend 3 bills

    1. BRUHHH hit up ebay! They have insole only that can go under your regular insoles. Especially nice if your shoes are a tad big!!!! GO CHECK IT OUT!!!!

        1. True, they are fake zoom air units. I bought a pair for casual use off an ebay seller. With that said, they are mad comfy and more so than some of the zoom that Nike claims to have in their shoes. However, like NW said, I would not use for playing as they are unstable and might cause injury.

  3. so is the carrier foam not lunarlon like in the lebron 11? and i thought the hyperrev used heel and forefoot zoom not full length

  4. Jarron dude you sound fine to me. I also grew up on an island so prob that’s why. But you sound crystal clear to me

    Great review btw

  5. Great review, love your stuff! So would you say it greatly improves impact protection? My shins and knees hurt playing in the BHMs!

  6. Great review! Love your stuff!
    Does the full length zoom significantly help with impact protection, I have the BHMs and the kill my shins and knees!

  7. I respectfully disagree with your analogy of coke in a can versus coke in a plastic bottle. In either case, coke would still taste the same. Lunarlon+one zoom bag in the retail version does NOT feel the same as full length zoom. While I do agree that it comes down to personal preference (and the full length zoom cushioning setup is not necessarily “better” than the retail setup), they do NOT feel the same. As you noted in your video, one should go for the retail setup if he/she prefers a slightly more plush ride, whereas go for full length zoom for a more responsive setup.

    I have two pairs of retail versions (Bruce Lee and BHMs) and two pairs of iDs (both with full length zoom) myself and I actually enjoyed both setups. But I do prefer the retail setup for casual use and full length zoom for balling. Again, I do NOT mean to be disrespectful. And I completely agree with you that it comes down to personal preference. I just do not think the coke analogy fits quite well. Perhaps coke versus pepsi? Or….Superman versus Batman? LOL

    1. Both provided exactly the same things and the differences are marginal at best.

      Impact protection: Both
      Step in comfort: Both
      Responsiveness: Both
      Plushness: Both

      They both offer the same stuff, just tweaked a little differently as the Zoom will obviously be more responsive then Lunarlon, but will the common man really notice that? No.

    1. Lunar will bottom out in a few months, so I spent the extra $ and got a zoom insert from the mamba day id

  8. Thanks for the tip. You guys are awesome! Hey would you know if the insoles on the lebron 11 fit the new kobes? I plan on using my old lebron 11 insoles once my kobes arrive

  9. Will the full length zoom help you jump just a tad bit higher? Right now I’m grabbing the rim with ease and I want to be able to dunk by the start of my sophomore year of high school I was just wondering if full length zoom helps you “get up there” a little better. I like the cushioning on my jordan 29s but they are hella heavy and I like the cushioning on my Kobe 11s but I want to try out zoom.

  10. Thanks for the video mate.
    Have you tried playing outdoor with any of the Kobe 11s?
    I just received my pair of Kobe 11 id, full zoom (Mamba Day) today. I can feel the difference from the first few steps after initially trying them on. Really love Kobe 11s, hoping to get a few more pairs, but a lot of retail pairs comes with white out sole and it gets dirty very quickly and it’s hard to clean the side bits (I used baby wipes). Dirty shoes annoys me haha.

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