Nike Kobe XI (11) ‘Lower Merion Aces’ | Detailed Look and Review

Nike Basketball just released the actual Nike Kobe XI (11) after claiming the Nike Kobe XI (11) Elite was the only model in Kobe’s 11th signature line. This version of the shoe features a few changes compared to the FlyKnit model and they’re also listed $40 less than the FlyKnit ‘Elite’ as well.

If you wanted to know what tech specs come equipped on the $160 Kobe 11 then check the video below as it’ll provide you with a solid detailed look and review. Stay tuned for the upcoming performance review on the Nike Kobe 11 EM and let us know what you think of the shoe below in the comment section.


  1. SMH he said 9/11.

    I hope some colorways exploit the color blocking with the fuse overlays against the mesh. Keeping them the same kinda makes the pair look dull imo. It’s also hard to judge the $40 drop with the share of differences. I can imagine them going for better or worse depending on person.

  2. Hey Nightwing, is the EM version lighter than the elite in terms of weight? I am wondering because I enjoy the super light Kobe 8 back when the EM was first introduced.

    Thank you for all the amazing contents and keep up the good work!

    1. The weight will be listed on the score card once the review is out. I haven’t weighed them at all yet so I’m not sure. They feel lighter in hand though.

      1. Thanks nightwing, I am deciding between the J Crossover 2 low and the kobe 11 EM. Will go for the one which resembles the kobe 8 the most

  3. I really hope the solid rubber makes a difference in traction or that they tweaked the rubber compound a little bit, I really like the looks of this shoe. I like that they put a firmer foam in the heel, the kobe 8 was one of my favorite shoes but I couldn’t play in them anymore because once they bottomed out my heel would hit the hardwood, which made me reluctant to buy the 9s or the mentalitys. Hopefully this fixes that

  4. Looking forward to your review on these, especially how they perform against the Elites. Namely, looking for transition feel, traction (translucent vs solid), fit and weight.

    Without trying these on or seeing them in person, I feel that these will outperform the Elites.

  5. I haven’t been able to wear the Elites (feel too long and too narrow), are these going to be any better or nah?

  6. i personally love these. these bring me back to the kobe 8 and 9 low ems. The kobe 8s are my favorite hoop shoes of all time. The only thing i didnt like about the 11s was the lunarlon with the zoom in the heel. Ever since the kobe 11 lows came out ive wanted a full length lunar (and full length zoom) to be sold in gr colorways instead of being forced to get in through Nike ID. Im glad they released these. I like them so much more than the elites. So much so I would still buy these over the elites even if they switched price tags

  7. Will be waiting for your advise on how the outsole performs. I’m using my mentality one for outdoors currently(which is a beast!). I’ll be choosing between this EM version or the mentality 2, depending on the durability.

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