The Nike Kobe NXT 360 Deconstructed

This Nike Kobe NXT 360 deconstruction was probably over by the time FastPass finished typing the shoe’s full name.

The Kobe NXT 360 is one of the most minimal basketball sneakers since the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star was actually considered a basketball shoe. Now that FastPass has taken the time to deconstruct it then we want to take the time to show you.

Let’s start from the end with 360, in this case Flyknit 360. Nike has already shown transparency here, both literally and figuratively, albeit via more of a marketing tactic. As we have already seen, Nike has begun to engineer Flyknit to completely wrap the foot with the application of heat which reinforces the knit. While it may look skeptical, so far it seems to be, at the very least, adequate for basketball performance. Another shot of the cut shows that chunky dual-density drop-in midsole.




As pictured, the drop-in midsole employs a combination of Lunar and React foam which has been molded to wrap the foot. The midsole riding up makes up for the ultra thin Flyknit along the sides and provides lateral support. Spotting where the React and Lunar differ may be difficult in some images, so FastPass was kind enough to edit and highlight the different regions of foam in addition to actually separating them later in deconstruction.




Additional highlights include the plastic support plates that externally attach to the midsole, strategically placed padding to prevent sliding within the Flyknit 360, an external heel counter that is an extension of the translucent rubber outsole, and tongue and heel padding that cannot be overlooked.

Overall, the Nike Kobe NXT 360 remains one of the more intriguing performance sneakers to date and has shown a lot of promise thus far. Fortunately if you are interested in copping, the sneaker is now available at in its ‘Yellow Strike’ (Lakers) colorway for $200.

Will this sneaker make your rotatation? Did we miss anything you’d like to point out in the deconstruction? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.


















Source: FastPass


  1. While I appreciate what FastPass does, I think this might be the most redundant deconstruction ever lol

    1. I appreciate their passion to find anything to take apart on a sneaker like this lol

    2. For the most part, yes. But it was nice to see how thick/thin the React sections of the midsole are. Majority React in the heel while the forefoot is mostly Lunar.

      1. Good point out, although the heel isn’t ideal place to focus on impact protection, I wonder how React will perform compared to Zoom based on previous Kobe setups. Looking forward to the performance review.

  2. So does somebody know whether the react cushioning is softer or firmer than the lunarlon part (in this case)?

  3. This shoe has foot fatigue written all over them.
    When sneaker companies used to create a shell for players who wore out sized orthotics in order to help prevent instability, the orthotic became the cushioning system, ala this “drop in midsole”. What appears here shows that there is minimal torsional support, and protection during heel toe transition,, maintaining neutral, will be compromised. That means that players who use speed, stability and balance, then explosive power like myself, would be wise to stay away from this shoe.

    1. Damn it you’re point is making me want to rethink planning on getting these ever never could put it in words that thought

      1. Doesn’t matter if you state your opinion with the eloquence of Thoreau, if the shoe sucks, it simply does. This shoe is made to fail for those of us who are big, then playing with explosion. Those four foot Kobefied morons from NikeTalk, will never understand that, no matter how well they may write

  4. Pricey shoe. Does come back to being more like the 11 after the previous NXT was being a bit experimental. I think the practice of a drop-in is unnecessary given there’s nothing to swap with, but as a standalone execution it’s the best thus far.

    The way they segment the torsion elements was proper. The Swoosh on the midsole is a support piece as well along with the edges of the midsole riding up higher in places than previously demonstrated. This + the close fit of the upper in tandem seem to do enough. I feel like I could shred the traction much sooner than the upper.

  5. This shoe seems fine, but for this price if you have an outsole that isn’t very durable thats an automatic no for me. I’ll pass on these, the byw’s, the pg2s…any shoe with that gummy bear-soft sole. This shoe with the Mentality outsole would’ve been a winner.

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