The Nike Kobe NXT 360 Has Arrived for Mamba Day

The Nike Kobe NXT 360 has finally landed at, just in time to celebrate Kobe Bryant’s very own holiday: Mamba Day.

The Kobe NXT 360 uses Nike’s next generation Flyknit 360 technology, which is woven then formed with heat. Cushioning will be supplied by a drop-in React and Lunarlon midsole. For a detailed look you can check out what’s inside the Kobe NXT 360.

No strobel board is used on this shoe, it’s just the upper that’s been glued to the outsole. That means you can bend this shoe in all kinds of ways (check out the photos below) — you could even remove the midsoles and just put the shoe in your pocket.

The Nike Kobe NXT 360 is available now in ‘Black/Multicolor’ for $200 at

Let us know if you’ll be picking up the latest Kobe model in the comments below.

nike kobe AD NXT 360

DeMar DeRozan in the Kobe NXT 360. Photo via Nike

nike kobe NXT 360 fold 1

nike kobe NXT 360 fold 2

nike kobe NXT 360 fold


Featured image via Nike / Images via Hupu


  1. In the footwear industry this was once called a “shell”, and now Nike has made this into a two hundred dollar shoe. This is funny and pathetic at the same time. I can’t wait for the reviews. Seriously. This is getting like Trump and his supporters. What would Trump have to do, in order for you to admit that he is fucked up? Hello Nike.

    1. LOL. sadly, I have to agree. as far as shells/shrouds go, this is like the Pippen V shroud and an Insole being hold-up for $200. in fairness to the Pippen V, atleast there is a shoe within the shell/shroud. not hating on these entirely but hating the price tag.

  2. I understand that not everyone works 9 to 5, but dang the stock dried up locally at FTL when they opened. I’m surprised I couldn’t land a pair anywhere.

    And while I know Kobe and his shoes have a legitimate fanbase, really feel like most pairs went to you-know-what. Hopefully the next colorway this month is a GR.

  3. I could find a Footlocker/House of Hoops or Niketown around DC that was releasing them

  4. Something tells me if it’s this flexible this will be not much different to the Mamba Instinct which kinda hurts my feet. The credit card trick under the insole works though. But still my CLB2016 is my go to beast of a performer.

  5. there was a time when a demonstration of flexibility like this cost a company the reputation of its entire basketball line…

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