Nike Kobe AD | Detailed Look and Review

Nike Basketball and Kobe Bryant unleashed the all-new Nike Kobe AD this past Mamba Day (8/24) so we have a detailed look and review for you.

The Kobe signature line has been a bit confusing since Kobe’s retirement. More models are being released each year than ever before and they’re all very different. Kobe’s name and AD moniker are the only things tying one model to the next, but tech has been all over the place — as have the prices.

At $140 the new Nike Kobe AD seems like a steal while sitting next to the $200 Nike Kobe AD NXT 360. However, the materials used here are just not up to par when directly compared to Nike Basketball shoes like the PG 1, PG 2 and Kyrie 4 (all models that retail between $110-120).

I understand wanting to keep things lightweight, but sacrificing material quality doesn’t seem to be in-line with the Mamba Mentality. I still think the Kobe AD will be solid on-court, but I’m disappointed in the materials at its current retail value.

I hope you enjoy the video review and feel free to share your thoughts on the new Nike Kobe AD below in the comment section.


  1. Materials are a bit of a turn off. Heard this one rides a bit high for a Kobe, too, so in my mind I am wondering where the distinction/advantage is over the Kyrie 4 or PG2. May still want to bite on the next colorway, because Kobe.

  2. In canada, after buying the Kobe ad mid from the Nike employee store, the receipt said “nike Kobe ad genesis”. Now these are the “exodus”. These are the first books if the bible, Old Testament. Genesis, exodus, Leviticus, numbers, etc…

  3. My perception is that this line has jumped the shark, which is a bummer as it was easily my favorite signature line. Straight up flooding the market with models, with seemingly no real direction.

  4. NW, Another very informative DLAR; much appreciated as always. What is the actual weight of the shoe? I have been playing in the Kobe 360s since they were initially released and am a big fan of them but am very curious about this new release.

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