The Nike KD9 Elite to Debut in the ‘Time to Shine’ Collection

Nike Basketball is gearing up to debut the upcoming Nike KD9 Elite alongside other signature sneakers in the ‘Time to Shine’ Pack.

The Nike KD9 Elite will debut alongside four signature sneakers on March 24. While we were provided with the KD9 Elite’s release date, pricing has been left out of the official press release. We’re hoping this means there will be no price adjustment for the KD9 Elite and it’ll remain at $150.

Not much has changed on the KD9 Elite, and everything we loved about the original remains on the newer version. Leo Chang explains:

“Containment for lateral movement is achieved through knitting tunnels into the Flyknit upper that allows us to channel a single cable around the entire foot. This cabling setup can micro-adjust and conform around the foot for an adaptive fit.”

Each model within the ‘Time to Shine’ pack features an iridescent Swoosh. The Nike PG1 previously debuted at retail in this colorway so we’re unsure if this means a restock is happening or not, but keep your eyes peeled just in case it happens.

Do you have your eye on anything from this collection? Let us know.

Source: Nike


  1. This was clearly supposed to be the All Star pack. I honestly think most of them look pretty solid. The Lebron, PG and Kyrie all could have sold pretty well as All Star shoes. The Kobe AD is my least favorite of the bunch

  2. Pretty pictures aside, I think this shows how Nike is struggling to find their new, and more modern identity. None of the shoes above stand out in my opinion, and also proves that Nike lost their way as an innovator in the shoe industry. Actually, they lost that identity years ago when they began to jack up their pricing, all while producing shoes made of plastic, citing “performance”. I just bought the Zoom Flight ’96 on sale at Foot Locker, Penny’s Olympic edition. While not built to the exact specifications as the OG, even that shoe kicks all of these in the ass in regard to looks, durability, and then performance capability. But I am not the audience that Nike is targeting these days…lololol

  3. Haha, the cabling setup “conforms around your foot for an adaptive fit”. He forgot to mention that the cables also make it the ugliest shoe in the world. However, ugliness aside, I think the performance will be the same as the orignals

    1. call that a sales pitch on an ugly design flaw. it’s too bad Nike/JB is not spending much time and money on marketing research and tech innovation. but then again, I could be wrong, younger kids nowadays have such bad taste that it doesn’t matter anymore as long as their is a check or jumpman logo on it. even the jumpman logo nowadays can sometimes be extremely ugly. baloonhead and buttcrack.

  4. Just went to Footlocker and can confirm that there are no price adjustment for the KD9 Elite and will remain at $150.

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