Nike KD 8 – First Impression

Overall: Solid in my opinion. Full length articulated Zoom Air, a new traction pattern that looks to perform pretty well on court (most likely won’t last very long outdoors), FlyWeave upper, and Flywire support. Every piece of tech in the Nike KD 8 looks like it’ll play its part into making the shoe a really solid performer on court.

Look for a performance review to come in the upcoming weeks. If you have any other suggestions for a pair of kicks I should go for after I’m finished with the KD 8, leave a comment and let me know (Hyperdunk maybe? Curry One?). You can also grab your own KD 8 in the July 4th/USA color way right here on Nike.

Check out my Youtube channel to see what else I may have grabbed today or to stay updated with my other pickups.


  1. Thanks for the detailed look at the shoe. I still don’t know how I feel about it but I appreciate everyone who puts in work to get us this content. Respect.

  2. Thanks for the review. The airplane flying over made me lol. In future reviews please compare the top two technologies to previous models. e.g. Does the flyweave feel the same, better, or worse than the performance woven in the XX9? Does the articulate zoom feel the same in other models that have featured full zoom in the past? (Zoom revis, Jordan 11?)

  3. Garbage!!! since when is a running shoe ok to sell as a top tier signature basketball shoe?! excuse me if the people that like low tops love this shoe for hoops but 90% of us ballers dont care about kds sig, i dont get it.

  4. How much fuse is used to back the FlyWeave?

    I notice the lace-loops having a fuse reinforcement, is there more?(like in the toe-cap, or on the sides).

  5. I’m interested in the adidas crazy light boost 2015. Wanna see how that ultra boost tech feels in a hoops shoe.

  6. Hey guys I recently fractured a bone in my foot I was playing in the d rose 5 and when I came back from the injury and played in the last game
    Of the season my foot was still sore in the same area it got fractured ion and this summer I am going to some basketball camps I have almost three hundred dollars in birthday/ allowance money do u guys think I should keep playing in the d rose 5 or buy and other pair of kicks (if I should buy a new pair what should I buy)

  7. Can you do a review of the 2015 crazy light boost? Im really interested in its primeknit upper and if the heel boost is sufficient enough.. Im also a forefoot much of a player and im wondering if it has enough cushioning on that area.. Thanks and keep doing what you are doing.. You all been too much of a help to everyone..

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