Nike KD 7 ‘BHM’

As we move closer to February, photos of Nike’s annual Black History Month collection are popping up and our first teaser is of the KD 7.

Sporting a black and white color scheme, the ‘BHM’ collection this year will once again feature a unique pattern design of american american heritage. ‘BHM’ branding is found on the strap of the KD 7 in a metallic silver finish for a nice touch. Overall I have to say that the lack of color is not a personal favorite, as i enjoyed the unique color combinations usually found in Nike’s ‘BHM’ collection (especially the 2012 ‘BHM’ collection). But a little contrast never hurt anybody and I’m sure a lot of sneakerheads will be all over this simple colorway.

What do you guys think about the Nike KD 7 ‘BHM’? Let us know in the comments section below, and stay tuned for any upcoming information regardin a release date.







  1. I knew the last two editions were going to be hard to follow up, especially last years with that black, purple, & gold. Kobe and LeBron models will probably be oreo colors too.

      1. Just now seeing this. No I don’t like these, back then or now. Nike is getting too loose with KD’s EXTs; they’re not on point for $200.

    1. and tbh these laces seem a little sketchy…not sure if they’re real because normally kd 7 laces aren’t like this…and last years model was almost a screw up by nike cus you’re right, it’ll be hard like no other to out do those and this year certainly doesn’t do it. Shoulda made slight improvements year after year and the heat of last years bhm should end at like the KD 10. Now, because they rushed it we’ll be seeing some pretty mediocre bhms. And I can’t stress enough how bad a lebron 12 would look with these colors and design

      1. The laces look like the exact same size and “type” as any other kd 7 released… there’s just a different pattern on them?

      2. Hey man all of us hoopin fans know that Nike always finds ways to throw colors onto a design of a shoe without ruining everything about the shoe. Lets give them a chance and see what they come up with

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