Nike KD 11 ‘Still KD’ | Detailed Look and Review

With the Nike KD 11 ‘Still KD’ releasing on June 18 everywhere other than the U.S. we’re lucky that we were able to buy a pair to review.

Flyknit, React, and full-length Zoom Air for $150?! Nike Kobe NXT 360, what gives?

Kevin Durant’s latest signature sneaker has officially launched overseas and with that we have a pair to take a look at in detail. I go over the materials, fit, feel, and more within this detailed look and I can’t wait to begin testing them out on-court.

Is anyone interested in this type of tech combination at the $150 price point? If so, does this make you raise your eyebrows — even further — when you see something priced at the $200 mark versus something that seemingly offers more?

Thank you for watching and stay tuned for the performance review.


  1. So, question…Are you gonna be able to get this review out BEFORE the release date in July? Or is Nike or Eastbay going to send you a deference letter asking you to wait until AFTER the they drop? I wanna see about a pair, but I am not dropping the $150 that could go elsewhere if the cushion and traction aren’t absolute beasts at that price point.

  2. Is there any info out there as to why Nike keeps making these thin patterns on their signature shoes? Do they think that people will really buy the same model if the traction burns out fast? I genuinely want to know the thought process because people still want the sigs to play outside sometimes. Nike ID XDR will not save a thin pattern from asphalt. I know first hand. Not taking that L again ever.

    1. I think it’s because it works better for NBA courts. Or maybe their version of “planned obsolesce” so you have to buy shoes more often. No idea beyond that.

  3. I HATE worldwide release doesn’t mean the US anymore. Why we don’t get things at the same time is total BS. Delays for a couple days I can accept. Even a week. But over a month?!!! I remember when we got things first and we were these manufacturers top priority. Disappointed to hear that the cushion isn’t instant heaven and super impressive. Hopefully it breaks in and becomes something special. Either way I’m going to get these.

  4. I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on these. I’ve tried on KDs before, but the narrowness in the midfoot always stopped my from buying. I hope with this pair, it’s somewhat more forgiving. Loving the look for sure. And I figured the cushion at first wouldn’t feel impressive, as the rubber cupsole containing that cushion set up I think hinders it. But hopefully with a few wears, it can become something pretty great

    1. Agreed always been a big fan of the Kd line for casual wear, but that love never translated on court because of narrowness in the mid foot

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