Nike Issues Statement After Zion Williamson Injury

Duke phenom Zion Williamson was injured a minute into the highly anticipated Duke-UNC game by ripping through the foam of his Nike PG 2.5. Nike has since issued a statement to address the issue.

Per Darren Rovell, Nike stated that, “We are obviously concerned and want to wish Zion a speedy recovery. The quality and performance of our products are of utmost importance. While this is an isolated occurrence, we are working to identify the issue.”

This is indeed an isolated occurrence, as Williamson’s freakish athleticism may also have contributed to the sneaker’s exhaustive wear-and-tear. This incident doesn’t necessary speak to Nike’s sneaker craftsmanship.

Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski has also addressed the media and claimed Williamson has appeared to suffer a mild knee sprain. There is no update regarding the injury yet, but Williamson was ruled out from the rest of the game.

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  1. From killing the aura of the Foamposite one and pro lines with ridiculous colorways.
    To Jordan brand constant retro old stuff and don’t get me started on the constant mashup and mix up of old shoe designs.
    To jerseys ripping and shoes falling apart and of course lying and deceiving customers with your tech specs.
    good job Nike

  2. UA and Adidas reps are drawing up contracts for Zion as we speak and using this incident as leverage.

  3. Probably a glue-defect in the strap(it appears to be the first part of the sneaker to pop-up, then tearing the uppers straight off the footbed ripping the mid-sole in half), it’s why old-sneakers had more overlays to spread the tension of locking-down with a strap.

    Not a big deal for a modern-sneaker(a lot more sneaker-explosions these last couple of years since ‘lightweight’ became a thing), probably solved with an extra overlay or a wider, more curved base of the strap(like the old Air Trainer 3).

    1. question is, do “new” shoes break that way? anyway, what I didn’t like so far is the excuse of what Nike is saying or blaming Zion’s case is due to his “freakish athleticism” ? come on now, just looking at the play, there isn’t really something supernatural or special going on with it. shoe breaking in just a few minutes into the game? it’s either the shoe got sabotaged, has a defect or has to do with design nowadays. funny though that Shaq’s shoe held up much better than the court backboards.

      anyway, I would say that these new shoe designs that particularly Nike is making are tend to last 3 months or less unlike their old school counterparts.

    2. Ive had glue defects happen with nikes. The zoom speed 2, the super fly 2, and the hyperfuse 2014 all had the outsole start peeling off within 2 months after wearing. the midsoles also started peeling from the uppers as well. It was really annoying. Im thinking they started using cheaper glue for a percentage of their shoes sometime in the 2010s.

      Im very unbiased when it comes to companies. I really dont care who makes it as long as the shoe suits my needs. But there is definitely an issue with the gluework at nike. Ive never had that issue with any other company in the 2010s.

  4. Broke the same way that Manu’s shoe did a few years ago. Honestly I think its more of a freak accident, but its obviously not a good look either.

  5. I do think that it is both his freakish athleticism, and a cheap damned shoe. At the retail end, higher prices for cheaply made shoes. Here’s my prediction, Nike signs Zion, then promoting leather shoes again. Then we will see all of the Kobe style shoes disappear, then hopefully all of his will fans as well. Good riddance.

    1. Nike signs Zion to a massive lebron-like contract, Nike air Zion Unbreakable retail $200, #1 draft pick, we forget this all even happened smh

  6. Freakish athleticism?? Aren’t Nike’s products made for athletes, regardless of their athletic prowess? Would that be the excuse that’s used if LeBron blew out one of his shoes? There are a good number of freakish athletes in pro basketball, college basketball, and high school basketball as well.

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