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Nike’s new React may be wiggidy wiggidy wiggidy-wack!

nike react hyperdunk 2017 flyknit performance review traction

The Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit features a multi-directional pressure map traction pattern that looks like a crazy RC race track on steroids. The traction was so good I was on the court stopping on a dime when I didn’t have to. It has been awhile since I’ve played on something this great. This is the second best traction I have ever played on, the first being the Kobe 9 Low.

I have no complaints on with the Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit’s traction; it is magnificent on any court. Clean, dirty, plastic, tile, outdoors, it didn’t matter because this traction had me covered. However, this isn’t an outdoor shoe, so I recommend keeping the Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit indoors.

nike react hyperdunk 2017 flyknit performance review cushion

Full-length React cushioning is being used in the Hyperdunk 17 Flyknit, and a Phylon midsole carries that React foam. This setup was not what I expected, and the first few on-court wears were disappointing.

The React foam was stiff, and it had no life — it was super dead. I was running down the court trying to concentrate on the cushioning and waiting for it to react but nothing was there. Why did Nike call this React? I have no idea.

The setup felt more like something the grim reaper would sleep on. The only decent part about the cushioning was the impact protection, and even that wasn’t the greatest — certainly wasn’t enough for my liking. For the people who love court feel with a little impact protection, you all will like this setup — especially if you were fans of the Kyrie 3 and its cushion.

nike react hyperdunk 2017 flyknit performance review materials

The materials on the Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit are extremely comfortable. The way Nike integrated the TPU yarn in the Flyknit is beast. I couldn’t tell anything was there. I was getting the reinforcement I needed with the comfort I wanted.

Compared the the KD10, another shoe with a Flyknit build, the Flyknit on the KD10 feels a little more plastic-y where as the Flyknit on the Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit feels more Flyknit-y.

nike react hyperdunk 2017 flyknit performance review fit

As far as the fit goes, the Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit does run true to size for wide footers. I have a narrow foot, I went with my usual size, and should have gone a 1/2 size down. Once the Flyknit broke in, the materials loosened up, causing some dead space in the toebox. That negatively affected the lockdown.

If Nike had added just one more Flywire eyelet at the forefoot that dead space probably could have been prevented. For me, everything from my forefoot to the toebox was just all over the place. When I would make a hard lateral movement, I swear my pinky toe would be sitting on the court just hanging out chilling like, “What up toes? What y’all on tonight?” My other toes would be like, “Man we at club footbed bro come join us.” The entire shoe was doing a gangster lean on me and I wasn’t feeling that at all.

nike react hyperdunk 2017 flyknit performance review support

The fit plays a vital role in support and not having the proper fit will affect the support for sure. The lateral containment wasn’t all that great — there was just too much movement going on for my liking. Other than that, everything else was good.

The internal heel counter worked well with the padded achilles pillow. The base is wide and stable and I had no issues staying upright. That lateral containment just killed the overall experience for me.

nike react hyperdunk 2017 flyknit performance review overall

The Nike Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit isn’t a bad shoe. The cushion isn’t what I expected, but it’s tolerable. The lateral containment wasn’t the best, but it won’t keep me from hooping in these again.

I can see this Hyperdunk being a side piece to my on court rotation; I’ll rock it here and there, but it isn’t replacing anything in the lineup anytime soon.

nike react hyperdunk 2017 flyknit performance review score


  1. Great review and video with style as usual.
    Glad to read that you say HD 2017 has superb traction second to the Kobe 9, which has the best traction I’ve ever experienced.

    The first time I saw its leak image it reminded me of the Kobe 9 traction. Glad it is what I expected.

    Thanks for the hard work.

    1. Yeah man, the traction was fantastic on the HD 2017 I loved it. Also, thank you for supporting.

    1. 1. Crazy Explosive 2017
      2. Jordan 31
      3. Lebron soldier 11
      4. Brand Black rare metal/UA Drive 4
      5. Jodan ultra fly 2

  2. I just stick with the KD 9s. They’re on sale everywhere and I can’t find anything wrong with ’em. It’s hard to believe Nike spent year and years working on this new React stuff and then its just garbage. They probably just recycled some old foam and renamed it

  3. I am looking for an outdoor shoes, but after viewing two reviews in weartesters, this HD 2017 obviously would not be my choice.
    I recently keep my eyes on Nike Ambassador 9, the reviews here seems very positive. What do you feel about this shoes? Also, would you recommend some other shoes for outdoor for me??


    1. The Ambassador line is a good out door shoe in my opinion. I think you will be fine getting a pair for outdoor use.

  4. Hi Sir! May I ask what made air jordan 31 in your rotation? because i heard few negative reviews in the pair especially in their traction. Thank you!!

    1. I love the cushion, the materials, tractions has been fine for me. Not the best, but certainly above average They are also super comfortable!

  5. Great review! I’m kinda disappointed because I was excited to see this new cushioning system. What would you recommend between the Kobe ad nxt and the AJ 31 Low.

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