Nike Hyperdunk 2016 Flyknit | Detailed Look and Review

Nike Basketball has some solid options coming up, and we all thought they had restructured the prices with the KD 9 being listed at $150. Unfortunately, we were dead wrong.

If you were interested in the upcoming Nike Hyperdunk 2016 Flyknit then you’ll want to make sure you check out our detailed look and review. Tech specs and pricing are covered and we’ll have a detailed performance review in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, share your thoughts on the Hyperdunk 2016 Flyknit below and stay tuned for more.

Nike Hyperdunk 2016 Flyknit | Detailed Look and Review 2

Nike Hyperdunk 2016 Flyknit | Detailed Look and Review 3

Nike Hyperdunk 2016 Flyknit | Detailed Look and Review 4

Nike Hyperdunk 2016 Flyknit | Detailed Look and Review 5

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  1. The HD 2016 Elite has the same price point as the Jordan 30. Wow! I’m feeling adidas right now anyway.

  2. Elites are always priced way too high(and never really justify it with the performance), but if the regular version is anything over 140, then screw it. Hell, make it 120. The crazylights are.

  3. LOL nike if you are reading this then you are killing yourself with that pricepoint. Everyone is going to adidas. So happy with my drose 6 so il probably look more at the clb.

  4. Nike is tone deaf. There must be competing teams within Nike. On one side you have the KD team and on the other we have the old Nike who does things like $250 elites. Nike needs a rest button as their problems are just beginning

  5. NIGHTWING2303 I love you but this time you have been inconsistent with yourself. In a previous review you said the performance review should not be biased from the price, “if it is a good shoes, it is a good shoes, at 50, 100 or 200 bucks”. Just saying 🙂

    1. What he is saying is that the way the shoe performs has nothing to do with the price however when he talks about the price he is simply saying that it is overpriced in his opinion and that he recommends you shouldn’t buy it even with good perfromance. In other words it is just his opinion and has nothing to do with the actual performance of said shoe.

    2. Curious on the business aspect on why Nike hyper-price some of their shoe. I remember an article here about how much a shoe is really worth and IIRC half the retail is what the retailers pay to Nike. So if Nike hyper-prices their shoes and even if it doesn’t sell at retail but sells at clearance, Nike still makes it money but the retailers make much less. So why doesn’t the retailer stand up to Nike and any company that hyper-prices their shoes? Just don’t sell the shoes at your store, FL, FNL, Jimmy Jazz, etc.

      Also just hearing the retail of this “Team Shoe” kind of means LBJ 14 will still be hyper-priced and Kyrie will continue to go up.

      1. Youre suggesting retailers stop carrying Nikes because theyre too expensive… great way to tank sales and close doors

    3. Price never weighs in a on a shoes performance. This isn’t a performance review. However, I gave my opinion on the shoes retail price. I think I’m allowed to do that. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure I can have an opinion on a shoe’s price.

  6. this is not performance review, this is just a review… and yes, price is fucking unbelievable considering what you can buy for that money today , performance wise…

    Nightwing , do we know if other hd models run full length zoom ?

    1. We still don’t know for sure. Some pictures look like it’s full zoom, others are colored in and make it look like front and rear.. Personally I think it’s still full length as early reports said.. time will tell.

    2. We already have them here in Paris. I confirm segmented heel and forefoot zoom on non-elite hyperdunk 2016

  7. The shoe looks Pretty damn good though.. Will wait til it hits clearance. Picked up the ajxxx29 low for $105.. These will drop in price too.

  8. these are gonna sit. kinda like the magista. i don’t see any pro soccer players wearing them as they are only a gimmick…the flyknit ‘sock’ will give after a couple of months and make the shoe uncomfortable to wear. Great job nike!

  9. Actually, the $200 makes perfect sense. This is called the perceptual mapping in consumer behaviour, also relevant to the HBDI index. Even though the Hyperdunk is the sub-brand that we’re used to being a team shoe (meaning lower pricing), this Flyknit-high-collar Hyperdunk is nothing like it. If you look at Nike models, all the flyknits are priced at a premium. The perception has changed, people are less making their decision based on whether it’s a signature or a team shoe, but rather on the traits that a shoe is expected to deliver. Also, if you analyse the recent trends, all the high-collar shoes (LunarEpic, Zoom AllOut, Kobe 9s, KD 8 Elite..) were and are priced around $200. Nike is positioning their physically differentiated products (in this case: the instantly noticeable high-collar trait) as a distinguisher from the lower-priced models. That’s why we will have two models of the Hyperdunks: the regular one – the low-top is not a significant variation of it – priced at what we’re used to with the reliable Hyperdunk (except for the last year’s), and the high-top as the premium model. They are also riding on the power of Hyperdunk brand, being one of the majority’s go-to shoes in the past 5 years. The KD’s $150 shoe is more of a desperate move to boost his particular sales and absorb the major opportunity loss of his absurd contract, rather than settings the tone for what Nike’s prices will look like in the future. So, imo, the initial $200 for this particular shoe makes perfect sense – and as long as they keep the supply fairly limited (for the Elite model, that is) the demand will be there for it. I just don’t think we’ll be seeing this shoe going much under $150, ever..

    1. If supply is limited, than the price might be justified. But the Hyperdunk, even if it is elite, is a team shoe and should not cost more than the sigs. Is Flyknit even special anymore? It’s on most models and they all get discounted. Even Flyknit Racers are discounted. I think most basketball shoe consumers are savvy enough now to not buy when they first come out… wait a couple weeks and there’s a slight price drop. Wait a couple of months, and most are 50% off. In my opinion, the sweet spot for most basketball kicks is $80-110, or at least that’s the most I would spend nowadays.

  10. Nike’s Elite Models flop all the time, which proves that Zoom Air does not matter, this includes this year’s LeBron Elite model, in which the sig bearer decided to win the chip in the Soldier makeup. Nike should simply call their Elite the BTIYWFS line (buy these if you wanna feel stupid).

    1. Actually I think the Soldier debut partially had to do with LeBron’s likely absence from Rio at the time. That would’ve been the time to market it, but that, and I guess a bit if an upgrade for a desperate title run pushed things forward. They came ready with a championship iD version so it likely wasn’t an issue with the elites.

  11. All of yall are broke! complaining about 200 sneakers, don’t ever go to bloomingdales for shoes that aren’t even performance sneakers..

    1. You cannot possibly be that stupid, but then again, anything is possible. Take that shit back to NikeTalk where you sycophants of the swoosh can bask in your moronic practices.

    2. Broke? Nah, Not really. Savvy? Undeniably. Enjoy spending that on playing shoes if you want to. I won’t look down on you but you saying that others are broke shows that you’re a kid mentally regardless of age.

  12. This shows you that Nike makes their Elite’s to saturate the Sales-rack(which is a legitimate sales strategy, it’s how people go ‘buy new Nike’s’, because they’re everywhere from Footlocker, to Ross, to some Supermarkets(Nike FREE) everywhere), and that the little ‘breakdown of true-cost’ of a sneaker was bogus, Nike’s making money on these when they are selling at 105-120 on Sale, and that’s actually the expected sales-price.

    1. Seems that way, and it’s a strategy to selling the name. It can win over most people who don’t read into products much.

      Those Nike’s that were originally $200 and now $150? Or that Adidas that went from $140 to $100? Casual mindset could gravitate to the former because that puts them in reach above their typical budget. They figure the overall cheaper shoe is gonna be a get-what-you-pay for ordeal, which sadly can be a good rule of thumb for a lot of things.

      Nike out here playing sudoku while everyone else is playing go-fish.

  13. I really hope that they make a Hyperdunk 2016 Flykint Low. That would be a great competetor for the Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016. And making it a low top better knock down that bat sh*t crazy price they’re putting it up for. I mean like all of the sudden fam.

    1. Probably just buy the KD 9 or Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016, both seem like amazing performers

  14. Hey nightwing quick question. Do you think these wold be a good outdoor hoop shoe like the previous hyperdunk models. Is the rubber on the traction pliable or hard?

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