Nike Hyperdunk 2015 Performance Review | Zak Kerr

One of the most requested models to review each year is the Nike Hyperdunk. Most of the time, the modifications made between each model are so minor that a review isn’t really necessary. However, this year’s iteration brought Zoom Air back into the mix and many, myself included, believe the Zoom based Hyperdunk 2011 was the best version within the line. So how did the Hyperdunk 2015 stack up? Check Zak Kerr’s performance review on the Hyperdunk 2105 below and find out.

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  1. Can he be a permanent member of the WearTesters team please?!?!
    The presentation and flow made his video very watchable.

  2. Tried these on at Champs. These definitely felt like two ankle braces attached to your feet. Very strange/stiff feel under foot and especially around that collar. Not surprised he didn’t like it very much.

      1. I was at Newpark Mall when I tried them on but I did see them at the Valley Fair Champs and Shiek. But ya… I didn’t even know there was a Champs at Valley Fair! LOL!

  3. First thing first; great job Zak! I checked out your review on the Clutchfit drive months ago and that was A1. I hope to see you doing more with WT. Great review! Second, I can’t talk about the HD2015. I knew it was a dud when we tried it on at Dick’s. And third, the Soldier 9 is a great alternative to the HD. My son loves the 9 and I think it does a great job of protecting and supporting the feet.

  4. I agree with the other comments… I like this guy. It doesn’t feel like an amateur slapping together a video about a pair of shoes, unlike some of the other ones I’ve seen.

  5. I assume that your overall complaint is the stiffness of the shoe in all aspects.
    Would your performance review change if the shoe is totally broken down? or if it lost its overall stiffness?
    For example, IMO, the midsole just needs ultimate breaking down in order to feel the zoom.

    1. The shoe would be 100x better if the foam carrier was less dense and the materials were softer (Flyknit or flyweave in particular). But then again, if nike made them with a knit or woven, then it would be a very similar shoe to the Kobe X Elite.

  6. Crazy the other side of basketball, well off kids hoopin on a half acre of land at a young age with a grip of shoes. That’s why on the back grime there’s scraps on the courts. Just socker kicked a fool in the head tonight at the gym – on scrap mode

  7. My birthday is on Saturday, bro if you visit this site and come octoss this post. My bad – just wasn’t In the mood for shit / chippy talk etc.

    For what it’s worth.

  8. Good review. I was never really interested in this shoe but this definitely confirmed it. I think that I will look into other models. Thanks for the review Zak and I just subbed your channel. I’ll take a look at the fundraiser soon. #Respect

  9. Great review. I checked out some of your other reviews on Youtube and I think they’re pretty good too.

    I love that outdoor court that you play on. There’s nothing like that around here where I live. I guess that is probably because Basketball isn’t really one of the top sports here in my country, probably 4th at best.

  10. Great review, Zac. I was deeply disappointed when I saw the release of the HD 2015, it was an extremely ugly shoe. Glad to know the performance matched the aesthetics. I bought a HD 2013 instead. Good on you for putting forward your honest opinion, looking forward to more reviews from you.

  11. I would love to see this shoe made out of a different material. We already have these as our team shoes so I hope it’s not that bad of a fit. We had to break and arm and a leg just to order them.

  12. I like my shoes performance wise but my shoes are turning brown. I dont know why maybe its becasue i practice with freshman jv and varsity but i dont like them because of that but very good performance wise.

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