Nike Hyperdunk 2014 – New Colorways

If you are looking forward to the next installment of the Hyperdunk line these pictures should make you even more excited as we have a first look at some fresh new colorways of the Nike Hyperdunk 2014.

The Nike Hyperdunk 2014 sports some new design features including a new midsole design and a heel design that looks familiar to the ever so popular Nike Elite socks. A new upper design looks more futuristic for a great look. As usual the Nike Hyperdunk 2014 should come in an array of colorways and here we have a glimpse at a small portion of colorways to come. My favorite colorway of the bunch is the Volt version, normally i don’t like Volt as the primary color on a sneaker but the hits of black really help the volt from being overpowering, and even though i am allergic to mango the Bright Mango colorway is very appealing as well. Overall i am getting really excited for the the Hyperdunk 2014 which is set to release on July 19th.

Which colorway is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

Nike Hyperdunk 2014-6

Nike Hyperdunk 2014-5

Nike Hyperdunk 2014-4



  1. They need to go with full length Lunarlon, if not, it’s just Nike being stingy yet again.

    You have other brands that go full length with their foams on their team model shoes, so there is no excuse for Nike to keep going with the targeted setups they’ve opted for in the last couple of versions of the HyperDunk.

    1. They probably won’t even do one even though it is possible I even did some concepts and it is possible but well have to wait a see

  2. I like the black mango and red cw IMO I would’ve like the pointed collar like previous hyperdunks

  3. These look awesome IMO, I personally like a clean white colorway with hits of different small colors, especially with the materials like the recent models or hyperfuse, they basically STAY clean lol. do you think Nike will ever re-release the Nike+ Basketball system to help players track their results again? I think it would be pretty Awesome, if they had a new and improved version, of some sort, maybe not as expensive, but better functional wise.

  4. I’d only consider it if it’s full length (whatever cushion), the traction is decent, and they come out with a low version.

  5. Upper looks def more flexible than the 2013s where it’s mostly plastic. Don’t really like the design but if it performs, that’s all that matters I guess. Oh hey, Nightwing you got me paying retail for the adidas pure boosts and I don’t regret it man. I never buy shoes off retail, and you got me spending man lol. Great purchase btw will purchase another pair.

  6. They did pretty bad job on a dynamic flywire. On the other hand, the Hyperdunk 2013 they have full dynamic flywire but I don’t see 2 dynamic flywire on the hyperdunk 2014 🙁 which fits worst

  7. Looks cheap and very generic. Could have made the design ‘different’ like the hyperdunk 2013s

  8. its impossible for me to take these seriously based on these CWs. just so bad. like something for kids straight out of the 80s

  9. Truth be told; looking forward to the UA Spawn 2. Not feeling most of Nike’s shoes so far this year.

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