Nike HyperChase ‘All-Star/ Zoom City’ – Release Reminder w/ Links

The unofficial signature sneaker for Houston Rockets Guard James Harden in the Nike HyperChase, is available soon in the ‘All-Star/ Zoom City’ colorway.

The sneaker features Harden’s new logo on the tongue. For the official look and details of the HyperChase, check out this article.

The Nike HyperChase ‘All-Star/ Zoom City’ will release tomorrow (February 12th) at 10am EST. Click on any of the retailer links below to purchase the shoe for $120:

Nike StoreFoot Locker | Champs | Eastbay

Nike HyperChase ASG ‘James Harden’ – Official Look Nike HyperChase ASG ‘James Harden’ – Official Look1 Nike HyperChase ASG ‘James Harden’ – Official Look2 Nike HyperChase ASG ‘James Harden’ – Official Look3 Nike HyperChase ASG ‘James Harden’ – Official Look4 Nike Officially Unveils the Hyperchase 1


  1. I’m a bit skeptical because I took a gamble on the Kyrie I and they were so so. It’s really puzzling for Nike to not put out the tech specifics before launch. I’ll pull out the midsole and look closely when I go get my KD 7 Florals in the AM.

    1. I think these are the best ASG shoes along with the Curry 1″Dark Matter”. But I’m also curious about the cushioning. I was thinking about the florals as well but, not sure.

      1. I’ve been looking for a new pair of low tops to hoop in and these seem decent, i’m just concerned about the traction and cushion, i’m also hesitant on wether to get these or the lillard’s (cause kobes are trash in my book)

      2. The Curry 1 ASG was another pair I was looking into and I forgot about that. I said I’d get 3 shoes this weekend for the limit and that means I need to drop one. Those KD 7 Florals are the dopest EXT models of his line this year.

        Pierre M I’d pause on those Lillard 1s. NW said the forefoot fit is really sloppy on IG.

  2. I like the shoe, but I really want to see it in someone’s hands.You know, get a more real perspective, not just images. I’m surprised that I can’t find any videos on this shoe!

  3. Low-profile injected Phylon midsole wraps up your heel and lateral forefoot for lockdown and stability

    Drop-in PU midsole provides lightweight cushioning for stability and impact protection

  4. Go in store, there were plenty and I heard the clerk telling people over the phone they still had stock at my House of Hoops.

    So I took the midsole out to see if there was writing on the foam, but there isn’t and I’m not experienced enough to determine by feeling it. The good news is that the Kobe 9 midsole is just a couple mm thicker and fits great in them if you wanted to swap them out. I literally have them on feet with the midsole swapped now.

    I’m about to head out to my 24 and give them a run. The ventilation looks like they’re going to be great. There’s a neoprene inner bootie, but the shoe is so minimal that you can see where they will breathe great! I just need this traction to be the business.

      1. I never had a doubt that they wouldn’t be minimal. I only played an hour and a half in them. The traction is better than average, but these are nothing to fly around in. I felt almost every bit of the court in the forefoot and that’s not a good thing for a player like myself. They”re a shade thicker in cushion over the OG CrazyQuicks and those wete LOW! They fit really good though.

        1. Wow you played in them already, that’s some hustle. The Crazyquicks 1 are ok cushioing( for me ) so I guess their OK too.

        2. Thank you for the quick performance update!

          Can you tell me a little more about the traction? How was the court condition? How do you think they would do on dusty courts?

          Thank you!

          1. The outsole has that fresh sticky film to it, as do most icy soles. The court I hoop on is 24 hour fitness and it was late in the afternoon with mild dust. I’d guess the traction would drop to average with high amounts of dust. Upon inspection after play, I could see the concentration of long bar areas of dust running across where the forefeet go.

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