Nike HR Chief Admits the Company Has Not Promoted Enough Women and Minorities

Monique Matheson, Nike Inc.’s top human resources executive, told employees in a memo that the company “has failed to gain traction” in hiring and promoting women and minorities.

According to a Nike memo reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, Matheson wrote that the company wants “to create a culture of true inclusion. As part of our plan, we need to improve representation of women and people of color.”

This latest news comes after complaints of inappropriate workplace behavior resulted in the resignation of Trevor Edwards, Nike brand president, and the firing of Jayme Martin, vice president and general manager of global categories.

“While we’ve spoken about this many times, and tried different ways to achieve change, we have failed to gain traction — and our hiring and promotion decisions are not changing senior-level representation as quickly as we have wanted,” Matheson continued in the memo.

According to reporting by Sara Germano, Matheson also stated that 29% of the company’s vice presidents are women, although globally the brand’s workforce is split evenly between men and women. Nike Inc. has 74,000 employees and several hundred vice presidents.

For more information read Sara Germano’s article at The Wall Street Journal.



Source: The Wall Street Journal

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  1. Hmm I remember a wise man once said people should be judged by the contents of there character, not the color of there skin.

    He shoulda added genetailia too.

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