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Nike is Giving Kyrie Irving an Even Cheaper Signature Model

nike fall 2016 tech pack
Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving will be joining the likes of Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Kevin Durant by offering a second signature line that will retail at a significantly lower price than his signature line.

During Nike’s Investor Day meeting in Portland the brand announced that it would be releasing an $80 Kyrie Irving sneaker, much like Kobe’s Mentality and LeBron’s Soldier line.

Kyrie’s current signature line is already competitively priced at $120, and according to Matt Powell it is the best selling signature sneaker on the market today. The announcement of a lower-tier model under the Kyrie and Nike umbrella is exciting news for fans of Kyrie and budget sneakers.

Nike did not announce when we can expect to see the new “lower-tier” model.

We want to know in the comments section whether or not you think this is a good move and if you’re excited to see a budget Kyrie silhouette.

  1. Hopefully this means they put some real cushioning and better materials on his regular signature model, even if it comes with a price increase. I know they sell well and are reasonably priced, which is cool. Speaks to their marketing prowess, Kyrie’s popularity, and some cool aesthetics(more so on the 1 and 2) that they sell so well, because those shoes really aren’t that good.

      1. I think it’s kinda crazy that the hyperdunks cost $20 more than Kyrie’s. Granted they have what most would say better cushioning and materials, the Kyrie is still a signature shoe. I actually hope they put better cushioning and softer matierels and on the upper even if it means a $20 price increase. The KD 10 is a wayyy better shoe for only $30 more, $10 more than the hyperdunks, plus a lot of the colors have already went on sale already.

        1. I would be ok with one zoom unit, i just want that zoom unit in the forefoot and we should feel it. Thats all. If it had that then the shoe could still be 120, but the difference would be night and day. Just make sure it can be felt(top loaded, perhaps?) And the chief problem wih the shoe could be solved.

          1. Ever since Kyrie’s knee went out in the finals the zoom bag has been in the heel. They may change that for the team model, but his dog will likely be the same.

  2. How about making an elite version of the Kyrie, something that has full-length cushion with the aesthics of the signature. But I don’t think a $150 Kyrie will sell as well as the under $120 Kyrie.

  3. If it’s truly a cheaper option, that will get effort put in, I’m all for it, if it’s an excuse to hike his regular-sig price up, I’m 100% against it.

  4. This is what I think is becoming an issue with sig shoes and us consumers getting them to play ball in. Signature kicks are tailored for that player, so Nike, UA, Adidas, etc., could probably care less about not having this cushioning or that fit in the shoe. Kyrie and Steph like playing in kicks with almost no forefoot cushioning, so that’s what their company’s make. I guess we just have to get team shoes or find a signature shoe for a player somewhat similar to how we play.

  5. If you do not like the “cushioning” in a shoe, why are you buying it? Sig shoes are supposed to fit the needs of the player who’s sig it represents, not your needs. This why I love what Steph said about his own shoe, he doesn’t want, nor like, the mushy cushioning that some are craving, and rightfully so. I am not going to get into bio mechanics here, but there is a reason that Steph *suddenly* got healthy after leaving Nike and those mushy air type set ups.

    That said, the take down model for Kyrie isn’t going to do to well, especially as the Celts begin to lose, with Kyrie’s not being able to carry the load. Bad move by Nike, bad, bad, move. I do not want to help their cause so…GREAT MOVE! Make Kyrie’s shoe 175 nike! Just do it!

    1. A few things:
      – I’ve never bought a Kyrie and never will until there’s better cushioning.
      – I like the cushioning in the Curry’s and own the Curry 2.
      – I don’t like mushy cushioning.

      IMO there’s a lot more options other than “mushy” and whatever the hell would describe the Kyrie’s. “Rock like”, “brick like”, “non-existent”. They could keep them firm and low to the ground while giving better protection. I refuse to believe that Kyrie plays in those and that they don’t put something better in the ones they give to him.

      1. My comment was not directed at you, but since you responded…that “something better” just may be what is already in there for Kyrie, and he just does not agree with you, in regard to what actually works for him! I do not see why that is such a problem for people to understand. Kyrie’s first PE did have zoom air in them, while the GR’s of that shoe did not. He then had constant injuries to his legs during that time as well, so I guess he knows what works best for him. Less injuries, let those who don’t know complain while buying the shoes.

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