Nike Gifts ‘Parra’ Air Max 1 to Engaged “Parra Lovebirds”

When Rishi Chadha, a Los Angeles-based sneakerhead, proposed to his fiancé he shared his engagement with the Nike SNKRS app “Got Em” screen. Then, Nike reached out.

“Yesterday I made a promise to my best friend that I’m going to love her forever” wrote Chadha on Twitter in September. “Thank you for putting up with my obsession for sneakers, & for getting just as mad as I do when people misspell ‘esports’. You’re my soulmate @clee; I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”

rishi chadha nike gifts parra air max 1

Image via @RdotChadha

Nike saw Chadha’s engagement announcement and, after some digging, sent over his fiancé’s size of the Parra Air Max 1 collaboration. “We can’t top the ‘Air Max Engaged’ but here’s a small gift for a Parra lovebirds,” read Nike’s card to the couple.

“What started as a tweet is now one of the best engagement gifts @Clee and I could ask for,” wrote Chadha when he received the gift.

To learn more about the pack the Parra Air Max 1 comes from check out this article.

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