Nike Filed a Patent to Put Conveyor Belts in Shoes

Companies like Google, Apple, and Nike are constantly filing patents in an effort to innovate. Now, a recent patent filed by the Swoosh seems to be taking innovation in a new direction.

In a patent filed earlier in May, Nike appears to be working on a “rotatable conveyor element” as well as two other elements mentioned in the patent: an insole and an upper.

The official purpose of this “rotatable conveyor element” is still unknown, but according to the patent, the concept of the conveyor belt is “to rotatably engage a body part of a wearer as the foot enters the space and draw the foot into the space.” The concept contains “an insole, an upper configured to form a space between the upper and the insole” which is then “configured to admit and secure a foot of a wearer.”

A system like the one pictured in this patent could aid the elderly by helping them into shoes, or assist those with special needs by creating an efficient way of entering and exiting a shoe.

What do you think the purpose of the conveyor belt within a shoe is? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

Source: Digital Trends and The United States Patent and Trademark Offices

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  1. I viewed the patent via the link at the bottom of the post, and it seems that they have also filed for a collar area that cinches and a ankle collar that rises up after you have your foot in. Interesting concepts, maybe they will be in use 10 years from now

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