Nike Drops the Duke Kyrie 2 Tomorrow

Just in case you, the reader, forgot, Nike is dropping the Duke Kyrie 2 tomorrow at 10:00EST online and at Foot Locker as well as This WearTester will be in line before the gates roll up and hopes to be walking out with two pair, at least.

Priced at $120, same as the regular version of the Kyrie 2, the shoe features all of the same performance features as the other colorways but has the 3M logo on the heels and tongue, as well as the strap being made of jersey material. Love them or hate them, you can’t deny this is a great idea and could lead to many more Team iterations being released in the future (would love to see the college logos on feet more).

Check out Foot Locker Unlocked for locations near you to purchase and for more hi-res pics. As always leave comments below (unless you don’t like Duke).

Duke Kyrie 2

Duke Kyrie 2 2

Duke Kyrie 2 4

Duke Kyrie 2 8

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  1. i was really excited about these, but having seen them in person, the big letters at the back really aren’t my kind of thing….this is coming from somebody who already has 5 pairs of the k2 (everything except the effects, which i missed out on)

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