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Nike Combines Past Designs For Victor Cruz’s First Signature Training Shoe

Long time sneaker afficianado Victor Cruz will get his first signature from Nike in the form of a familiar-looking trainer dubbed the Nike Air Cruz.

While the shoe looks like a mishmash of previous sneakers (and a colorway) that you’ve probably seen before, it makes sense considering Cruz’s love of retros and past hits. The colorway itself looks similar to the Air Jordan 3 in Black/ Cement, a sneaker he’s worn quite a few times. The only difference is the usage of a safari print from the Nike Air Safari rather than elephant print.

Aesthetically, the design comes with a Air Trainer 1 sole (worn by the infamous Bo Jackson) and a Yeezy 2-esque sidewall. While the shoe is a trainer, it definitely is more of a lifestyle shoe with older technologies, which contrasts the up-to-date performance features of the Nike CJ3 Trainer worn by Calvin Johnson.

We’ll keep you updated with release info for the Nike Air Cruz. Let us know your thoughts on this new shoe in the comments below.

nike air cruzImage via The Shoe Game


  1. while it does look like some British Knights Jordan ripoff from the early 90s, the materials do look premium. I dont even care if its a lame design. just so happy to see some good materials on a shoe for once. hopefully they live up to the pics

  2. So they release this ugly Yeezy-Jordan trainer, that doesn’t even look like it will preform well, but discontinue the Revis trainer, even when the Revis was one of the most comfortable sneakers out there and sneaker heads adored them? Not to mention that Cruz will probably never be the same after his injury and may not even deserve a signature shoe, compared to Revis, who even after injury is still arguably the best CB in the NFL

    1. Revis 1 didn’t sell well from what i could tell but they were incredibly comfortable.

      Cruz is pretty marketable too, although we’ll need to see him push product well.

      We shall see. You never know, they could go back and release another Revis.

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