Nike Basketball Unveils the Upcoming Nike Basketball Elite Series

Today, Nike Basketball unveiled the upcoming Nike Basketball Elite Series for 2015.. The Elite series is an “upgraded” version of the signature shoes from Nike (excluding Kyrie 1s this time) in the forms of the KD 7 Elite, Kobe 10 Elite (Flyknit high-top, yay!), and Lebron 12 Elite.

There are, in my personal beliefs, no reasons to justify the major price upgrades for the Elite Series, but that is out of the control for the consumer. The signature models or non-Elite versions of these shoes feel adequate for every person who plays in them, but one thing that I would note is the Flyknit version for the Kobe 10. Different materials compared to the fuse upper on the lowtop versions, and you can almost never go wrong with Flyknit!

Look out for the Nike Basketball Elite Series to drop in 3 packs, starting April 18th, and continuing on May 15th and June 5th.

Check out all performance reviews on the Kobe 10, KD 7, and Lebron 12 too while you’re at it!

Check out the official article from Nike below.



Nike Basketball Elite Series Team Collection: KD7, KOBE X and LEBRON 12.

Nike Basketball is committed to making athletes better. Reducing weight, refining angles and maximizing cushioning are just a few adjustments that can directly impact footwear performance. The driving obsession to master design intricacies inspires the Nike Basketball Elite Series.

Direct insights from Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and LeBron James have helped Nike fundamentally evolve basketball shoes, leading to new construction methods, state-of-the-art materials and technical innovations. The athletes spend countless hours with the Nike design team to brainstorm, test and modify their signature shoes, resulting in the best shoe possible for each elite athlete.

Merging advanced innovation with inspirational narratives, the KOBE X Elite, KD7 Elite and LEBRON 12 Elite incorporate upgrades intended to maximize each shoe’s performance.


Kobe Bryant and the KOBE X Elite.


Team Collection

Elevate Collection

Rose Gold Collection

The KOBE X Elite features a Nike Flyknit upper construction with dynamic Flywire technology for superior strength, breathability and support. The shoe is the first Flyknit basketball shoe constructed with recycled polyester yarn – each pair is knit with the equivalent of five recycled plastic bottles. Designer Eric Avar used a high-cut silhouette for proprioception.

The KOBE X Elite’s dynamic traction, hybrid cushioning system (Lunarlon, Nike Zoom Air and Nike Free-inspired siping combined) and modern aesthetic result in a new standard for performance footwear.


Kevin Durant and the KD7 Elite.


Team Collection

Elevate Collection

Rose Gold Collection

The KD7 Elite is designed to enhance natural motion and responsiveness without compromising strength. Hyperposite upper construction is now perforated to minimize weight and deliver zoned breathability.

The shoe’s three primary features include Hyperposite upper construction, dynamic Flywire technology and Nike Zoom Air cushioning. Designer Leo Chang built the shoe to be light and tight, optimized for performance in a clean aesthetic.


LeBron James and the LEBRON 12 Elite.


Team Collection

Elevate Collection

Rose Gold Collection

The LEBRON 12 Elite embodies pinnacle performance and indisputable strength, much like James himself. The LEBRON 12 Elite leverages high-quality Megafuse construction with mesh and composite for structure and features new vertical wings wrapping the foot for lockdown and stability.

The shoe now features six visible, independent Nike Zoom Air units that provide low profile, responsive cushioning. The strategic placement of the pods is engineered for James’s explosiveness and his multidirectional movement.


Nike Basketball Elite Series Team Collection: KD7, KOBE X and LEBRON 12.

Nike Basketball Elite Series Elevate Collection: KD7, KOBE X and LEBRON 12.

Nike Basketball Elite Series Rose Gold Collection: KD7, KOBE X and LEBRON 12.

There are three distinct Nike Elite Series Collections that launch monthly beginning in April. The first, Nike Elite Series Team Collection, launches April 18 and features the team colors of Bryant, Durant and James. The second, Nike Elite Series Elevate Collection, features blue hues as a nod to the sky and launches May 15.  The third and final flow available June 5,Nike Elite Series Rose Gold Collection, pulls inspiration from the journey to the championship trophy.

The Nike Basketball Elite Series features nine total shoes, three colorways each for the KOBE X Elite, KD7 Elite and LEBRON 12 Elite. The shoes are available globally in limited quantities at and select retail locations. Coordinating apparel is also available for the Elite Series.


  1. I think Nike did an admirable job with Elite this year. Last Year Flyknit for the Kobe was definitely an upgrade worth the price but one could argue the performance and same for this year. I find the new all fuse upper this year terrible but everything else is amazing so +1. The Lebron Elite last year was garbage with no improvements and a higher price tag. This year they are adding cushioning and making it lighter. Again, maybe not worth the price but added improvements that merit an elite title. Lastly, the KD6 Elite was definitely the biggest change and worthy of the price tag. I don’t think it was much of a performer overall but the cushioning and upper and entire shoe was upgraded. This year, they went with an entire foamposite or excuse me, hyperposite upper. There hasn’t been a low top ‘Posite shoe since the trainers in the 90’s. This is huge news for those needing the most support but still liking the mobility.

    All told, a nice Elite line with tests by the Weartesters’ team still to come but I’m fine with the price increases when at least you can see or feel what your paying for. Last years Lebron Elites were outright travesty that Nike should be ashamed of. I’ll definitely be getting at least 4 different pairs of the 9.

      1. If you look closely, nothing has really changed. It still has 1 heel pod and 5 upfront. The yellow pod in the pic is from the tpu shank same with the regular version. Only the uppers changed in this edition of elites. Only the Kobes are worth to look at.

        1. The regular Lebron XII only has 4 forefoot zoom pods. The 5th one under the little toe is just phylon. So it is one extra zoom pod and some TPU in place of posite for an extra 75 bucks. Still not worth it

  2. KD7: I don’t see a plus with those holes.
    LB12: I see a cost reduction in materials (for nike) and “lightweight” for us (lol).
    KBX: Maybe the best option for elite’s IMO.

  3. I know some people and myself included, think if they were going to jack the prices again with the elites then there should been carbon fiber incorporated in the shoes.

    Review pending from weartesters, we’ll see how these versions are an upgrade overall or not

  4. Are they really gonna charge me $50+ for putting recycled bottles into my shoe…. Cmon Nike. And hey nightwing idk if you read my post before but um I tried making an account but it wouldn’t send me a password.

  5. the shape of the TPU on the ankle of the lebron elite makes me think of nightwing’s masks

  6. I wish everyone would stop bitching. You don’t want them then don’t buy them. No one is making you pay more sostop crying. Half of you are on here crying but will buy a pair. Don’t buy them and maybe Nike will take notice.

  7. Nice to see they took the strap off the KDs. The perf looks ok, but I need to see it in person. Should be a solid performer.

    Not excited about the Kobes.

    Lebrons are intriguing. I like the colorblocking. Adding the extra zoom pod should be nice. Lighter weight should be good. Lacing system looks better and more finger friendly. I just wonder if the new wings support without giving hard spots. I’d love to try these out if/when they get marked down under $200.

    I agree a Kyrie Elite with a better upper and heel zoom would have been nice. Maybe next year.

  8. Kobe elite rose gold are hot. Would the LeBron elite cost about 300? The KD’S looks like it’s very breathable.

  9. The Kobes look great. Really hoping we’ll see flyknit on a low top version of the 10. The KDs and Lebrons are nice, but probably wouldn’t cop unless they were on sale.

  10. Welp, I haven’t purchased any of the Elite series from Nike Basketball, and it looks like I am not going to start now. Let’s see if Nike can convince these players to actually wear these shoes, instead of having their zombies on those websites that favor Nike to start chirping about “performance”. If KD never wears these, it will be a huge plus for those of us who know better.

  11. Someone help me here. I thought holes in the foamposite defeats the purpose of the material. Posite material needs heat in order to work properly.

      1. NW The press material saying: “. Hyperposite upper construction is now perforated to minimize weight and deliver zoned breathability.” Just curious if it defeats the purpose

  12. KD’s I’m not really feeling. Seems like a downgrade. Color blocking seems better on these than the standard model though.

    Lebron’s are Nice but I have a feeling the price will make them an easy pass. They do look much more balanced without the oddly placed swoosh on the side though.

    Kobe’s I like but I think the colorways could have been much better. Why has pink become the new red? Bull$hitt. That colorway could have been amazing with gold and red accents. I just hope they used less glue for the flyknit on this years model. Might cop. Scared about the price.

  13. The KD 7 Elites look like a mistake because the flex in the forefoot without the mesh looks compromised. The strap was never needed, but now it looks like a slightly different one piece KD 6.

    The Kobe 10 Elite is the one I’ve been waiting for and the Rose Gold looks to be the only tolerable color in the near future. That collar looks very thin because the tongue is visible through it. I’m skeptical about durability issues in that region. I passed on the regular Kobe 10 because of the upper. The traction still looks like it needs to be experienced on my part.

    Lebron 12 Elite can miss me because I know Nike is going to tax stupidly. I just hooped in my Lebron 12s a few hours ago, how ironic. I get a Adidas Crazy 8 design vibe from them too.

    **NW and Weartesters: Props to the UI overhaul. I’m especially glad that the “Recent Comments” section is titled again.

  14. Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes I wish they would just do a blackout version of some of these performance models. I really want something that looks plain but is a beast on court; I’m all about business haha (Kobe Xs and the KD 7 interest me performance-wise, but I just don’t dig the crazy colors. I guess I’m an old head like that). At the very least, the color schemes on these looks wearable contrary to all the other crazy stuff Nike has been doing. Thanks for the pics NW!

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