Nike Basketball Summer Time Pack (LeBron 12 & Kobe X) – Available Now

The grade school exclusive sizing of the Nike Basketball Summer Time Pack, featuring the LeBron 12 and Kobe X, is available now at Nike Store.

The Kobe 10 is nicknamed the ‘High Dive’ is inspired by the summertimes in which Kobe Bryant took to the pool, jumping in from a high diving board. The LeBron 12 is similarly inspired by water, although the nickname is ‘Buckets’. The water graphics exemplify LeBron commemorating his 2nd championship at a pool in South Beach, participating in an “epic water fight” in celebration.

You can purchase each of the sneakers by clicking on the captions below each image below.

Nike Kobe X GS' High Dive' 2Nike Kobe X ‘High Dive’

Nike LeBron 12 GS 'Buckets' 2Nike LeBron 12 ‘Buckets’


    1. You, my friend, is a gentleman and a scholar.
      Who really cares about Lebron’s “epic water fight” or Kobe’s experience on the high dive? I understand that Nike needs to have a background story, but sometimes enough is enough.

      1. I knew it was a little out there when I was typing it, to be honest. Just here to pass along the info though. Before I was writing, I would often read blogs and see no explanation on a colorway backstory so that’s what I strive to do, no matter how ridiculous the story.

        1. Nothing against you for delivering the news. It’s how news should be delivered. Ridiculousness comes from Nike, not you.

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