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Nike and Jordan Brand Announce 2019 FIBA World Cup Partner Countries

Nike and Jordan Brand are once again dominating the international apparel game, this time with the 2019 FIBA World Cup as the stage.

Partnering with countries like the US, China, Korea, the Philippines, Canada, Brazil, Spain, and more, Nike has adopted a minimalistic look once again for all its jerseys. Jordan Brand also joined in on the fun with jersey designs with Argentina and France.

Designed by Nike’s Josh Iverson, all the countries’ jerseys adopted a simple two-color theme with strong national identity. In Team USA’s case, the jersey utilizes the Pareto Principle to dictate the design of the silhouette; the principle embraces a 80/20 split in terms of color distribution, giving Team USA’s jersey a distinctive split in colors to maximize the minimalistic theme.

Expect the jerseys to hit retailers and Nike.com soon, as we approach the FIBA World Cup. The games will officially commence on August 31 and for more information, visit FIBA’s official site here. Which team are you repping this year? Sound off in the comment section below.

Images via Nike Inc.

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