Nike Air Zoom Structure 19 – Available Now

Get those personal records up! Whether you’re running one lap or a mile, Zoom Air is supposed to make you feel faster and give you a nice bounce in your run. The Nike Air Zoom Structure 19 does just that, as this runner uses Zoom Air for cushioning. This is apart of the Zoom Air Collection that was unveiled earlier this year and it completes pack as well.

The Nike Air Zoom Structure 19 features a Flymesh upper, a triple-density foam midsole with Nike Zoom in the heel, and a crash rail. Flywire makes its way up the upper to keep you contained on the footbed as well. You can grab your own pair of the Nike Air Zoom Structure 19 HERE today on or local Niketown as well. Let us know if you’re grabbing a pair in the comments below.

If you were interested in buying any of the other shoes from this collection, links can be found by clicking the hyperlink on each respective shoe: Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32, Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10, Nike Air Zoom Elite 8, Nike Air Zoom Odessey.



  1. I have the Zoom Structure 18. The Zoom unit is actually in the forefoot.

    Nike Air Zoom Pegasus – Cushlon, Heel Zoom

    Nike Air Zoom Vomero – Forefoot and Heel Zoom, Cushlon carrier (MY FAVORITE NIKE RUNNING SHOE “FAMILY”)

    Nike Air Zoom Elite – Forefoot Zoom, Phylon carrier

    Nike Air Zoom Odessey – Forefoot and Heel Zoom, and I believe a three foam carrier

    1. Nike is labeling the Structure 19 with heel Zoom this time, guess it’s a change.

      The Pegasus has Zoom in heel as well as a Cushlon midsole

      Vomero 10 has Heel and Forefoot Zoom + Lunarlon (really soft Lunar as well, I’ve tried it on)

      Elite 8 has Forefoot Zoom and Cushlon midsole

      Odessey has Forefoot and Heel Zoom, a Lunarlon carrier/midsole, AND Cushlon under the Lunar in the heel

      I do understand though that previous models have pretty much followed what you said, but the new editions have changes as said above

      1. I love the Vomeros and I hope to try the Odysseys! With all that tech, it sounds like a good deal for your money.

      2. Great info from both of you. I might have to check out some of these new runners from Nike. I’ve gone off of Nike the past year or so, but since these have Zoom Air with either Cushlon and/or Lunarlon, I might have to try a pair.

        btw are these the top runners from Nike these days, or are they just their top Zoom Air lineup?

  2. Kinda feels like a quick turnaround with the Structure 19 and what will be Pegasus 32 releasing soon.

    I thought their Zoom Running Lineup was consisting of Structure 18, and Pegasus 31.

    I tried on the Vomero 10 as well.
    Good to see other shoes that use both Lunarlon and Zoom in Vomero and Odyssey.

    Thanks for info Kurt, and Jordan.

  3. Despite the supposed zoom change, I think they could have done better changing the aesthetics of the Structure 19. I have the 18, and the only changes that I see (so far) are the extra support strands, where most of them are not pure flywire at all, they are more like those cords found in the budget models.

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