The Nike Air Zoom Generation will Arrive at the End of January

Now that StockX has partnered with Nike and the Cleveland Cavaliers to drop the historic Cavs Court SPO, Nike is ready to release the Air Zoom Generation.

According to Jacques Slade, the AZG ‘First Game’ in White/Crimson will retail for $175 and become available for purchase on SNKRS on January 25. Additional retailers that will carry the Retro include KITH, UNDFTD, Xhibition, and Next in Cleveland and Akron.

The date of LBJ’ first game is embroidered inside the collar in yellow and all the original details, aesthetics wise, seem on point. There is no word yet on whether the tech included is the same.

Are you excited for the first LeBron signature line retro? Let us know.

nike air zoom generation first game retro 2

nike air zoom generation first game retro 3

nike air zoom generation first game retro 1

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  1. I bought this same colorway when came out in baltimore for a friend paid 100 on 1st credit card but ended paying it off at 400.. If was same price id get for nostalgia but also not enough time to make way in my small budget.. Without a month or so warning.. Finally though

  2. The future tech or latest should always be bought for performance unless the zoom generation is still good enough.. Up to the players today buying but sure the generation will be for out in public not only playing but new models are too so Jaron has valid points about it.

  3. Funny, because it obviously is’t too soon, because his sig line has not only begun to wane in popularity, but the brand seems to have a hard time finding a way to make a shoe that he can fit, and then actually LIKE. Why not re release the ones he actually played a full season in? It can’t hurt!

  4. **** Nike for making the end of this month full of attractive releases. The 8’s are a lock for me. Maybe the Foams on impulse. These are up there too, though I’m very suspicious about if they’re taking a short cut with the cushion.

    1. I feel like they have to include the tech with this one. Especially after they fucked up how many times with the Pennies and those Jumpman Pro’s

  5. Hopefully the materials at the very least are top notch. Especially with how they aren’t including all the original tech in many of their most recent retros.

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