The Nike Air VaporMax Runner Deconstructed

Today we get an up close and deconstructed look at the upcoming Nike Air VaporMax runner, which Nike claims is the “pinnacle of air.” This new model is bringing a one piece midsole and outsole combo with the newest and most advanced version of Air cushioning.

The deconstructed photos of the Air VaporMax give us a good look at the new one-piece Flyknit upper, as well as the Air cushioning system. The newly designed Air system is a standalone unit that differs from previous Air models by not being encased in a midsole of some sort. The Air unit is also articulated to provide maximum flexibility while on the move.

What do you think of the Nike Air VaporMax now that you’ve seen it deconstructed? Let us know in the comment section below, and stay tuned to for more info on the upcoming release.

Nike Air VaporMax Deconstructed 2

Nike Air VaporMax Deconstructed 3

Nike Air VaporMax Deconstructed 4

Nike Air VaporMax Deconstructed 1



  1. looks crazy comfortable.. and crazy expensive. Maybe I’ll stick with free run distance for $65 at the outlet 😀

  2. I don’t think the heel area will be that nice because there is only air around the heel, not directly under it. They look like a mix of a free run flyknit and that Reebok jetfuse with all those separate air bags. At least the flexibility will be better than the Air Maxes.

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