Nike Air Tech Challenge II ‘Hot Lava’ to Re-Release Alongside the Nike LeBron 16 ‘Hot Lava’ Pack

The Nike Air Tech Challenge II ‘Hot Lava’ is set to re-release alongside the Nike LeBron 16 ‘Hot Lava’ pack.

Originally released in 1989, the Nike Air Tech Challenge II is set to make a return in 2019 in Retro form.

This isn’t the first time the Air Tech Challenge II has been re-released, but it’s not a shoe we’d ever be disappointed to see again. In fact, I’ve missed out on the ‘Hot Lava’ version of the shoe every single time they’ve been re-released so I know I’m down to grab a pair — if the SNKRS app likes me upon its release.

If you’re interested in grabbing the Nike Air Tech Challenge II ‘Hot Lava’ then they’ll release on the same day as both the Black and White ‘Hot Lava’ Nike LeBron 16 on May 24 for $130.

via Nike


  1. Those shoes look hella nice. I m not wasting my time on nike app tho, I’m done with their poor schemes (plus resellers and hyped up mofos). My love of shoes stops where my dislike of manufacturers starts

  2. I still have my pair I got from eBay a couple of years ago. They’re so dope and people sleep on these until they see them in person (even after the prices dropped heavy on them). I still get asked by people what kind of shoes they are when I wear them, this color specifically.

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