Nike Air Max 1 ‘Have a Nike Day’ | Detailed Look and Review

A detailed look and review at the Nike Air Max 1 from the ‘Have a Nike Day’ Collection.

Nike is using inspiration from its past with the 2019 ‘Have a Nike Day’ collection.

Like 2018’s ‘Just Do It’ collection, the ‘Have a Nike Day’ series pieces together models, both classic and new, and places similar colors, materials and blocking to each one. The Air Max 1 is what some would consider the best in the pack, while others may consider the Air Max 97 the best of the bunch.

No matter your Air Max preference, each will be similar in material quality but each one will have a slightly altered build — quality control should be of concern when it comes to such a large campaign such as this. You can’t have such flawed products hitting the market like the pair I purchased.

I hope you enjoy the detailed look and review and feel free to share your thoughts on the entire collection (so far) below in the comment section below.

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