Nightwing2303: The Best Basketball Shoes of 2017

After twelve months of wear-testing and performance reviews, our list of the best basketball shoes of 2017 has finally arrived.

As I like to do every year, the way the top basketball shoes have been chosen are a little different. Honorable mentions are usually included, as they have been this year, but I added the best shoes for a particular category because many often ask me “What is the most cushioned shoe I can buy?”

Then I give you my personal favorite shoe to play followed by what I feel are the most well-rounded models that have released within the last 12 months.

As usual, make sure you let us know what your favorite basketball shoe has been this year based on what you’ve played in. Are your picks similar to mine or do you feel other shoes could have slid onto the list in place of another model?

Sound off below and we hope that you are enjoying the holidays!


  1. I’m always a year behind for sales and discounts purposes, so this is bookmarked for 2018, lol. I’m still playing in Kobe 11, KD 9, HD 16, and Lillard 2.

    1. Smart man. Sometimes the desire for new shoes with interesting tech/style gets the better of me but I’m with you for the most part.

    2. Same here man, I’m still playing in my DRose 6 that I picked up earlier this year. Sometimes, though, if a sick colorway drops and it doesn’t look like it’ll stick around too long, i just can’t resist (Jordan 32 bred, curry 4 more dimes).

      1. DRose 6 has been my go-to shoe for 2 years and still is. I own 4 pairs of them and while I also own other basketball shoes, I haven’t come across a shoe that provides the same balance of cushion and support for me.
        How do you feel about the Jordan 32s compared to the DRose 6?

  2. Was able to anticipate this list given what I was hearing/reading through the year, as well as trying some of those pairs myself. That being said, I do agree on the pairs I tried.

    May try the Kyrie once I see other colorways out. Maybe the only pair I would’ve liked to have seen covered was the Li-Ning Yu Shuai 11 since it’s their flagship behind Way of Wade, but otherwise there’s only so much time in the day. I think this year came with more potent overseas offerings than before.

  3. Bought the dame 4 in white/gum for just over 40 bucks. Adidas has the sickest sales oversees.. Excited to try them! Happy new year to all the weartesters! Keep up the great work next year!

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