New Leak May Reveal Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Signature Sneaker, the Nike Greek Freak 1

It’s been one heck of a year for Giannis Antetokounmpo, aka the Greek Freak, and it appears things will only get better from here because he may have a signature sneaker coming.

The release of NBA 2K19 is quickly approaching and Antetokounmpo will be the series’ first international cover athlete. Because of this, we may also have our first look at his upcoming signature sneaker, expected to be named the Nike Greek Freak 1.

Thanks to @sneakonomist, a new Nike silhouette has surfaced with what appears to be the Greek Freak’s branding on the tongue. The sneaker appears feature a textile upper with some fuse overlays. The low-cut sneaker also features a low-profile midsole that utilizes Swoosh branding to cup around the heel.

We’ve yet to receive confirmation of official tech specs for the sneaker — or if this is even the final product that will hit retail. If this is what what releases, it can be expected to fall in the budget range. Looking at the sneaker, silhouettes like the Nike Kyrie Flytrap and Zoom Clear Out come to mind, and that would make sense for such a young athlete receiving his first signature (although he is an international superstar athlete).

What are your thoughts on the rumored Nike Greek Freak 1? Did you expect more from the sneaker, or do you even think this will be the sneaker we see release for Giannis Antetokounmpo next year? Share your thoughts in the comments below


Image via @sneakonomist


  1. Well, at least they used a decent camera for this “leak”(which is likely put out by the company) instead of the potato cam they usually use. This cam looks like a pretty good, consumer grade digital camera from the early 2000s.

    Anyway, the shoe looks asthetically average. The rubber going up the lateral side is always welcome for containment. The midsole looks really low. I like the lace loops in the front, which are the same as the Zoom Speed TR 2, and those were good to really pull into your foot. Thats about it.

  2. These look like the cheap nike I am not a big fan. I feel like Giannis deserves a little more than cheap looking mesh. He is an explosive player who can really take the brand to good places. I think about the first signatures shoes for Kyrie and PG and when I look at these I don’t see a first sig shoe for Giannis. Instead I see a shoe I would see at JCPenney in the athletic section.

    1. There is a lot left to be desired looking at these but you never know what the final version may look like. The Kyrie 4 retail version looks a lot more premium than what originally leaked, in my opinion.

      Even if this is close to final product I’m not mad if they come in under $100. Will help him stand out from all the Nike/JB sigs in that $110-125 range until the line evolves. Hopefully the tech is sufficient for him and us.

  3. The logo placement of the nike swoosh and the overall shape of the sneaker reminds me of a football cleat.

  4. When I see signature shoes, I always see if it fits the signature athletes stiyle of play. Like LeBrons or Kyries. I can see why they made and design that show specifically for them and it’s quite enjoyable experiencing what makes these sneakers specific to their style. The Greek Freak 1’s though? I can’t see him wearing these or be that explosive player that he is in this shoe. It just doesn’t look right to me or fitting to him. But colorways make a difference.

    1. I agree. Other than the swoosh placement, there is nothing outlandish or “freaky” about this sneaker. I would have thought that Nike would try harder to make a shoe for Giannis’s needs. Not really sure how cheap fuse is compatible with his play style. The midsole also screams “phylon and cheap zoom”, which isn’t awful but definitely doesn’t make the shoe special.

    1. exactly my thoughts. well, there goes Giannis for staying with Nike. could have had a better shoe with Adidas. and now, he ended up with a cheap ass shoe for a signature.

  5. Nike usually starts their guys off with simple designs and cheap materials on their first sigs. They’re really just trying to get a feel of what the specific athlete wants and needs for performance while trying to keep overhead low in the event the signature athlete doesn’t move or sell shoes. It’s like a trial period for the sig athlete to see if they can carry future shoes. If they can, they’ll tech them up further and give them more bells and whistles. If not, off to Hyperdunk PE land for you!

  6. It has found a creative way on putting the swoosh on the shoe. Looks dope, these may have a decent forefoot support because of the outrigger. Hope it does better than basic.

  7. I know that Giannis likes his Kobes that well so it’s no surprise that his shoes will be a lot similar in terms of design elements and tech specs. However they do remind me of the Nike Zoom Soldier VIIs. Also, lateral containment may be a big plus here with that chunky outrigger (remember his controversial game winner against OKC?)

  8. Shoes are art, iconic moments define them forever. From MJ’s last shor, to Kobe’s last game.. and even to Kyrie’s dagger shot against the warriors. As a sneaker lover I remember shoes by the moments, if his line looks like this and he happens to have a defining moment. I just can’t see a cheap looking sneaker as an “wow.. remember when giannis.. etc in these shoes?!” Kinda shows.

    Ps: you should ger a weartesters app, that would be so ill.

  9. I love ’em, the Cross-Trainer style cut(my absolute favorite cut), the materials, cupped midsole for containment, even the integrated Swoosh looks great.

  10. Beeing from Greece i will buy them anyway, if they look shit or not. I cant say that i am excited from what i see though.

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