New Images of the Jordan Brand CP3.X

It was just six days ago that we got our first real look and tech specs of the CP3.X, and just like every Jordan performance shoe, reactions were extremely mixed. One problem was the quality of the shots, but we can only post what is out there.

Today we get some pro shots and the shoe pulled a reverse Cinderella — the looks changed drastically for the better. Same tech as we reported, but in these images you can see the woven material and how the side panels tie in to the heel cup/wrap for stability. Nothing has changed on pricing or release dates, but it looks like we will be getting more colorways than the CP3.IX if these images are any indication. The black/violet colorway features a translucent outsole.

Did your opinion change at all with these images? Still love or hate the design? Let us know below and as always, as we get the news, you get the news.

Jordan CP3.X
Release: October 2016
Retail Price: $125

CP3.X New Colorways 1 CP3.X New Colorways 2 CP3.X New Colorways 3 CP3.X New Colorways 4 CP3.X New Colorways 5 CP3.X New Colorways 6 CP3.X New Colorways 7 CP3.X New Colorways 8 CP3.X New Colorways 9 CP3.X New Colorways 10 CP3.X New Colorways 11 CP3.X New Colorways 12 CP3.X New Colorways 13 CP3.X New Colorways 14 cp3-x-new-colorways-15

Images via @thebasketballshoes / via US11


  1. This model don’t look half bad, as for on the court? i either won’t be picking them up or wait for the performance review.

  2. That articulated zoom bag didn’t work too well on the last CP3 and the Ultrafly, so I ain’t expecting that to change unless they made it thicker or something. Looks like another Nike ‘meh’ zoom shoe. Even if the other performance aspects work, when the zoom doesn’t do much its always disappointing.

    How about chucking in the zoom on the Superfly 2? Or the 3, if the popping is a problem. even without the flight plate, it’ll be better than this, and its articulated.

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