New adidas Basketball Sneaker for Joel Embiid Leaks Overseas

A new adidas basketball sneaker has been spotted overseas and it appears to be a PE for Philadelphia 76ers power forward and center Joel Embiid.

This shoe, the adidas Pro Bounce, features the new Bounce cushioning design language introduced on the adidas AlphaBounce Instinct and a regal Joel Embiid graphic on the tongue patch.

The adidas Pro Bounce brings a new hightop build to the adidas Basketball line, and could become this season’s Crazy Explosive (minus the Boost of course). The traction pattern underfoot is made of translucent rubber but features concentric circles for multi-directional coverage. Additionally, the heel appears to use a new form of adidas’ GeoFit.

Of course, we’ll know more about this shoe when the aiddas Pro Bounce is officially unveiled by the brand. This Joel Embiid PE will retail for ¥1099 (approx. $160 USD) overseas, but team colorways of the Pro Bounce have hit for between $112 and $190.

What do you think of this sneaker for Joel Embiid? Let us know in the comments below.

Joel Embiid adidas basketball sneaker

Image via Wants002 on Hupu

adidas pro bounce Joel Embiid PE

Image via Wants002 on Hupu

adidas pro bounce joel embiid

Image via Wants002 on Hupu


  1. So is Adidas giving up on Boost for basketball? Bounce in the new D Roses, and supposedly these are the new/replacement Crazy Explosives.

      1. But it really seems that boost is being less used in the current basketball lineup. I don’t like it 🙁

  2. Very interesting to see a signature sneaker from a big man ever since the departure of Dwight Howard. Embiid loves using Bounce tech so I’m interested how the build of this particular shoe will cater to big men too.

  3. Yu guys said in the heel they’re using something new for Adidas which is Geofit. Geofit isn’t new it was used in the first crazy explosive as the padding you could read the inside of the tongue and it said “Geofit”

  4. I would really like to see boost in these. I have loved the crazy explosive and I would hate to see it go away.

  5. Finally a big man shoe. Shut up and take my money.

    Seriously though, if the support is good and there is enough impact protection then I’ll get myself a pair.

  6. Just google ‘new Adidas Pro Bounce’ and you’ll get to other colorways as well as a low version. I like that this time they went to a regular lacing system. Better lockdown, no?
    And a nicely sculpted heel.
    On you’ll find a model called Explosive Bounce.
    But this Pro Bounce visually seems to be the proper successor of the CE.

  7. Hopefully they won’t scrap the Crazy Explosive line. They’ve been really good and like it’s their only selling shoe outside their sigs. But excited to purchase these though as bounce has been great.

  8. Boost in adidas basketball shoes was pretty firm anyway, it never made sense to me. Just use bounce. Hopefully they soften it up and the Harden 3s

  9. I actually have a pair of these in the low. Love them. I’ve been playing in the explosives but these are just as good though the material uppers are cheaper.

  10. I think a lot of us ,me included love boost but get disapointed when it isn’t used… But Bounce is really good, super underrated. And i think part of the problem is that we think about adidas before boost. And we think about how average their cushion system was… But Bounce if I’m not mistaken wasn’t part of that Adidas. Bounce in basketball shoes is better than Lunarlon/React in basketball shoes

    1. I don’t think they’ll remove it completely I reckon they’ll do a Nike basketball like what they did with the hyperdunk and when they could feel the hype of the line go down they would change the cushion from lunarlon/react to zoom and the cycle will continue. anyways Adidas isn’t that stupid… the real question, is it related to Puma getting back into basketball because of all the BASF/BOOST dispute.

  11. Adidas Andrew Wiggins and Kristaps Porzingis are going to be wearing the same type of shoe in their own colorway. I really like this shoe and our store is scheduled to get them in late August/early September.

  12. The 3 stripes on their basketball shoes always look like it misplaced or doesn’t look right. Otherwise great design on their shoes.

  13. honestly boost gets all the hype and looks sexier but i very much prefer bounce for basketball, training and running, i train and run in alphabounces every single day and love playing in the lillard series, it’s just more responsive, lower to the ground and lighter too while being super resilient and durable, caged boost is great for impact protection but always feels thick, clunky and heavy….these look like a monstrous shoe and i would def be up for playing in them

  14. i’m really hoping adidas starting make targeted boost…heel + forefoot,
    maybe bounce/cloudfoam as carrier,
    it would really make sense design/performance wise

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