NBA Talk: What is the Best Second Round Series Ever?

With the 2016 NBA Playoffs in the middle of the semifinals, lets take look back and ask the question; What is the Best Second Round Series Ever?

Let us know what your pick is for the best second round series ever is in the comments section below or on social media with the #NBATalk.

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What is the Best First Round Series Ever?


  1. “Ever”? Should have wrote “in the last 15 years”. I would say the Nuggets-Supersonics in the first round back when it was only 5 games was better than the Warriors-Mavs. That same year the Rockets-Phoenix was also a good series in the second round. IMO “best ever” should involve at least 2 HOF players one on each team and be historically significant. 94′ Nuggets beat the best team in the NBA record-wise and the rockets beat the previous years WC champ on the way to a championship. Plus there was that dunk by Sacramento’s Mayor on Hakeem. I could go on but a random year in the 90’s was better than almost any series in the 00-10’s. Curse of youth i guess

    1. Like you said “IMO”, this is my opinion. The second round series i remember the most, the series that i enjoyed the most. Not ever series in the 90’s is better than the 00’s, that just ludicrous. Kings vs. Lakers? Warriors vs. Mavs? Spurs vs. Heat? Lakers vs. Celtics? C’mon man.

  2. BTW JR keep posting your vids I like this series.
    Vince never got credit for doing the right thing. NBA, NC and Toronto should have come out and supported him

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