Multiple Colorways of the adidas Marquee Boost High and Low are Ready to Release on December 1

The adidas Marquee Boost in both high and low builds are ready to launch on December 1.

The adidas Marquee Boost has quickly become one of my most anticipated basketball shoes to release in 2018. Seeing that they’re releasing both a high and low version has me even more excited and a bit confused on which one I want to grab.

Taking design cues from its past and blending them into adidas’ current language, the Marquee Boost looks like a shoe that can be easily worn on or off the court. Full-length Boost, a textile build and a neoprene-like ankle collar all look like fantastic performance touches. Add the herringbone outsole into the mix and adidas may have a certified winner on its hands.

Player Exclusive editions for John Wall and Kristaps Porzingis are also slated to release, which should please fans of those athletes.

Look for multiple colorways to release on December 1 for $130 and $120 and let us know which colorway below is your favorite. Of note, not every colorway releasing has been featured below; they’re going all in with this shoe.

Images via US11


    1. Its weird. I don’t even feel the boost in their bball shoes. They feel really firm to me. Their running shoes though feel great and last forever.

      1. @Phileep Same bruh. that’s why i was kinda disappointed in the forefoot cushion of the Original CEs. Heel was amazing though.

        Then i saw a vid of Jahronmon and Chris saying that the D Rose 6 Boost was like the bounciest ever on a basketball shoe. up to this day i’m trying to hunt those joints lol

      2. It is not about “feel”, it is the instability. Too soft, as I place a lot of pressure on my shoes, I need really firm set ups. EVA works best, Crazy 8 style, Pure Motion, Max Air. Bouncy shoes just do not work for me and my tendons. During take off for dunks, I do not have a solid enough platform in soft shoes. A true test is if I cannot do heavy squats in a shoe, I most definitely cannot play in them. Kyrie’s are cool, as are Old School Dunks, the SB’s. Demarcus Cousins and Thabo Sefolosha have the same issue, but I am not balling in Air Max running shoes…lol

        1. Have the same issue and have always leaned towards firmer, low to the ground set-ups. Might want to test the Harden Vol 3s – wide base and low to the ground feel, with just a thin slab of boost. Actually had an impromptu weight session after ball and found them stable enough to do sets of weighted squats with enough cushion for jump squats after.

    2. Yeah, I think the issue is they generally use strobel boards that are quite stiff and with the lateral caging and thin insoles the forefoots ends up feeling pretty stiff. The heel will generally have more boost and they cut a hole in the strobel board and use less caging so it feels softer and bouncier.

  1. I’m giddy for Saturday… I can’t wait to try these on in store. This would be the first adidas shoe I’ve worn to hoop in since the TMac 1s. Its rare that a shoe comes along with an aesthetic appeal strong enough for me to purchase prior to seeing a wear-test… I don’t quite know why yet, but these are it!

  2. Im really feeling the black/purple. That translucent hopefully is as durable as the drose 6 translucent, which i swear lasted over a year outdoors before i wore a hole through it. Definitely the most durable translucent ive ever encountered.

  3. Yes, black/purple is a proven hit. But I like gold-ish/red and navy/teal even more, they are quite original and pleasing.

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