Mike Conley Shows His Sneaker Collection, Talks Kanye Meeting and Charity Work

Jordan Brand athlete Mike Conley has some heat in his closets. Of course, that means George Kiel III was dispatched to check out the sneakers and talk to the Grizzlies’ point guard.

On the latest episode of Open the Box, Coiski Media’s George Kiel III spoke with Conley about his passion for sneakers, which Jordans he would put in his top three, and what it was like leaving adidas for Jordan Brand. During the off season, Conley met with Kanye — which generated tons of buzz online — and Conley speaks on that meeting in this video.

Check out the latest episode of Open the Box with Mike Conley below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. While with Adidas, Conley wore some dope make ups of some good shoes. Always looked at his gear. I kinda thought he was into his rags due to this observation, always looks pulled together. Even his Under Armour stuff was cool, his on court JB stuff is kinda hot as well. Seems to be a cool dude.

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