miadidas Launches the Crazy Explosive

adidas has updated the miadidas customization platform by adding two new models to the lineup.

We reported that the Dame 3 was available for customization and now the Crazy Explosive joins the ranks. Unlike the Dame 3, the Crazy Explosive is pretty limited in terms of material options. Primeknit doesn’t seem to be available, only the neoprene upper. There are graphic options available or you can have the upper be a single solid color. There also doesn’t seem to be any solid rubber options available for the TPU wrap and outsole. Maybe the model will get some new additions later on, but for now the available options are a bit limited.

This version of the Crazy Explosive is great though, so don’t get things confused. I just wish there was an option for primeknit or maybe a different type of material altogether.

If you wanted to try out the miadidas options currently available for the adidas Crazy Explosive then head over to miadidas.com to take a look.


  1. Low Key Eric Gordon Has Also Had Clean Colorways. Not Many pictures on google but seeing them in game. ?

    1. Adidas’ translucent rubber is pretty decent when mated to the right pattern. Like, the Rose 6 (and I assume 5 for that matter) is still pretty reliable.

      1. Thats true with the Rose 6- toughest translucent I’ve ever had. Its even ok outdoors. But the Crazy Explosive translucent is the opposite- soft as hell with thin lines. If the miadidas had a solid outsole option(or even better, a Continental option), then I’d have been all over these. Damn shame.

        1. Word. Mine started showing wear after one real game and one shootaround. I had to take them back. I’ll make a pair when primeknit and a solid outsole are both available.

          1. Theres currently only one solid outsole available- the black upper/white sole one. I got those, and while its still not too durable due to the thin traction lines, the rubber compound does increase its lifespan a bit more since they aren’t as soft as the jello-like translucent. I’m hoping that the lows have some solid rubber options- some leaks from the retail website seemed like some were solid, but we’ll see.

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