Marc Dolce Teases Futurecraft 4D Basketball Sneaker

Marc Dolce, VP and Creative Director at adidas, teased what he is calling “the future of basketball.”

According to Dolce, the future of basketball will include Futurecraft 4D printed midsoles and support pieces, yet still ride atop good old fashioned herringbone. The shoe is certainly minimalist, with no laces in sight — what Dolce calls “laceless basketball.” There is also no obvious heel counter, although there could be something internal.

No more details regarding the¬†Futurecraft 4D basketball sneaker are available but when we know more we’ll update you. If the shoe retails for $300, like all of the Futurecraft 4D silhouettes adidas has released thus far, it certainly won’t be the future of basketball for everyone.

adidas futurecraft 4d basketball


Images via @marcdolce


  1. It might just be pure concept. Interesting how the printed section extends to acting as a lateral support plate.

    No idea how the laceless part could be executed. There has to be some other type of fastener involved because a straight slip on sounds impossible.

  2. And here I was thinking one of the benefits of 3D/4D printing was it being cost-efficient! I get that there’s the hype of new tech and all that, but come on Adidas, if you’re going to tout it as the next big thing, make it at least accessible to the masses price-wise!

  3. This is the future of shoes i wear when taking a trip to the kitchen or the bathroom.
    The only time those would leave the house is when the mailman rings to deliver some real basketball shoes. ??

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