The Mamba Busts Out a Purple & Gold Colorway of the Nike Kobe XI

*It’s almost Jan. 9, its almost Jan. 9*.

We cannot wait for the Nike Kobe XI. The combination of the XI being Kobe’s “last” sneaker and the possibility of a much improved upper have us counting down the days until¬†its official release. Last night Kobe decided to bring out a never before seen colorway of the XI that uses the iconic purple and gold color scheme to give us all the feels.

What do you think about this colorway of the Nike Kobe XI? Let us know in the comments section below.

The Mamba Busts Out A Purple & Gold Colorway of the Nike Kobe XI-1 The Mamba Busts Out A Purple & Gold Colorway of the Nike Kobe XI


  1. What’s cool is how it coordinates/lines up with the sock color at the collar/ankle region.

    D’Lo could’ve rocked a pair last night with his performance, especially considering DeMar was seen wearing the XI and Nick Young had dibs on the IX before.

  2. Will miss those pump fakes, as seen in the pic,

    Still curious about the traction, can’t see the detail because of the translucent sole.

    Thanks in advance to the Weartesters Crew reviewing it.

  3. Why isn’t anyone talking about how D’Angelo Russell’s Kobe Bryant shoe folding up on him like a paper bag, causing him to injure his foot and ankle? It was pretty obvious and shown on Sports Center, then should be noted to those who say that Kobe’s shoes are the best out there simply because plenty people are PAID to wear them in the NBA. This shoe will be no different. Flimsy footwear does not protect the foot as well as they should.

  4. YO those SOCKS are horrible – WTF. We need to be straight NINJA status Night Black or Snow White. 70’s Ringer sock’s – Not for me – Effin’ up the Game. and BTW the Kicks are a must no matter who’s career they destroy. at least 2 iD’s and 1 GR

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