Look Out for the Way of Wade 6 ‘Caution’, Dwyane Wade’s Next Sneaker

Fresh off the release of the bright orange Way of Wade 6 ‘Juice’, the Wade Brand has something special planned for Dwyane Wade’s next sneaker release: the Way of Wade 6 ‘Caution’.

This reoccurring ‘Caution’ theme has been used on the Wade line since the Way of Wade 2, and the latest version borrows design cues from that 2013 release.

For the Way of Wade 6 ‘Caution’ the usual carbon strap has been replaced by a premium suede strap with gold caution stripe embroidery. The dark knit upper also echoes the caution stripes, and the heel pull tabs appear to be reflective. The shoe comes with an extra set of yellow laces.

There is no official word yet on when the Way of Wade 6 ‘Caution’ will release Stateside but expect it to arrive at WayofWade.com this weekend or next. Retail should be the usual $160. If you need the shoe now you can stop by The Edition Boutique in Miami.

You can take a look inside Wade’s latest sneaker by checking out the Way of Wade 6 deconstructed. For performance information check out Nightwing2303’s Way of Wade 6 Performance Review.

way of wade 6 caution

Photo via @wayofwadechina

way of wade 6 caution 1

way of wade 6 caution 2

wow 6 caution way of wade 6

way of wade 6 cuation wow 6


Photos via @gz_vashchan

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