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Li-Ning Way of Wade 6 Performance Review | AnotherPair

If the Dame 4 is my starting PG, then the Way of Wade 6 has to be my starting SG.

You can’t tell me that the outsole on the Way of Wade 6 doesn’t look a lot like an epic game of Tetris. Right or wrong?

This traction pattern performed a lot better than what I thought it was going too, and I’m so glad it did because I’m a fan of Tetris. On the crispy Mr. Clean courts traction had no issues — I was sticking like glue.

On dusty courts just be prepared to wipe because the dust will want to stick to the outsole and cause chaos. However, as long as you can keep up with the wiping, traction won’t be a problem.

This may have been my favorite part of the WoW 6. The shoe features a foam cushion unit in the heel and a Drive Foam unit in the forefoot (you can check out the Way of wade 6 deconstructed for a better look). Both are housed in a Cloud Foam midsole, and boy let me tell you!

For a cushion setup that isn’t that responsive, I sure do enjoy it — especially since the impact protection is great, and it feels like a slightly dried marshmallow. This is a super comfortable setup.

Players looking for that bouncy feeling will have to look elsewhere because this isn’t the shoe for you. This set up is for the players who want to stay comfortable getting buckets. In the Way of Wade 6 you don’t have to worry about your feet hurting after hours of play.

If this setup had a little more responsiveness and bounce it would have been one of my favorites, and I’d really be daydreaming about me rocking the Way of Wade 6.

The Way of Wade 6 sports a knitted upper with fuse overlays in the high wear areas for added durability, and the upper is one of my favorite things about the sneaker.

The materials are awesome and feel good around the foot. Kind of like being tucked in bed by grandma. I didn’t experience pinching, binding, or anything of that nature. The knit was supportive, but not restrictive. No matter the direction I went the materials were right there with me. Great choice of materials in my book, Wade Brand.

The Way of Wade 6 runs true to size for wide footers, and for some narrow footers. The reason I say some narrow footers is because the toebox is just a bit roomy and some people may not like that. I have a narrow foot, and I went with my usual size, and I love the fit. It has just enough room for my toes to move around and splay but not too much room.

However, if you have a narrow foot and want that super close one-to-one fit I suggest going down 1/2 a size. If you are like me and want a little room for your toes, then stay true to size.

The lockdown was on point and I can’t complain one bit. The partial bootie upper does a great job of containing the foot keeping it in place. The lacing system drives the foot to the back of the shoe, and once you add the midfoot strap to the equation boom! There’s your lockdown.

I’m sure you guys have already guessed it, but support in the Way of Wade 6 was dope. For one, the WoW 6 has a broad flat base. I think Li-Ning does a great job on Wade’s signature line in that respect, and a carbon fiber shank plate is in place for stability and torsional support.

Moreover, the midsole cups the foot and helps keep it in place. What I like the most about the midsole is that the carbon fiber strap is connected to it, so when I pull the strap it pulls from midsole. This gives my foot the ultimate stranglehold, in a good way. Meanwhile, there is an external heel counter back doing its thing keeping that heel in check.

The Way of Wade 6 is a solid performer, and I enjoy this shoe a lot. I find myself going to this sneaker just about much as I go to my Dame 4s — that’s a good thing for the Wades. This shoe is super comfortable and fun to play in.

If Dwyane Wade and Li-Ning had priced this shoe in the $110 to $120 range this very well could have been my shoe of the year, or at least runner-up.

  1. I really like this colorway. I wonder if they’re any other shoes with similar colorways (PG1 i think???)?
    I really liked the WoW2 (aside from the traction issue), so I might keep these on my radar!

  2. Exactly how I’ve been feeling about the pair. There’s a lot of intricate and smart design cues and details to this shoe, yet its feels so simple wear and play in…just such a safe bet, and I like the build quality, but it is just a tad bit off of being truly exceptional like you said. A little tweak here or there could’ve put it over the top at this price point. Feel like there’s considerable excess just ahead of the strap on the medial side. Functionally I don’t have a problem with it, though.

    I could see people leaning to the CE 17 or AJ 32 because of their cushion and fit preferences. Those shoes can do things outright better in some regards, but this is such an easy shoe to like.

  3. Hi. Just wondering. How do they perform outdoors? And how about the durability in your opinion? Most of the courts here are outdoors only. Thank you

  4. Hey i am a center that is 5.7 (still 13) and 132 pounds
    do explosive bounce shoes work for a center? and what am i looking for as a bigman for shoes, high tops? mid tops? good support?

  5. The price point these shoes are at is hilarious! They are charging a premium for a shoe that has absolutely no tech in them. I could probably find more advanced shoes at Payless and save myself a ton of money in the process. This was a horrible review, horrible, given to simply appease the Wade fans that are still out there.

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