Li-Ning Way of Wade 3 ‘Fractal Camo Pack’ – Another Look

We’ve previewed the upcoming Fractal Camo Pack in a previous post, and today we get another look at the three upcoming colorways.

Each color option looks to use a canvas upper, not sure how practical that is on-court so these might be geared more towards lifestyle. We’ll be getting each model with different themes attached. The two more notable versions are the Veterans Day & the Jungle, both of which look pretty similar. Then there is the continuation of last year’s Razfuego colorway, but this time around it’ll be Dazfuego.

The best looking of the three, in my opinion, is the Veterans Day. Something about the red accents and Blacked out midsole/ outsole just looks clean against the camo print.

Let me know what you think about the upcoming pack and stay tuned for release information.

Li-Ning Way Of Wade 3 'Dazfuego'

Li-Ning Way Of Wade 3 ‘Dazfuego’

Li-Ning Way Of Wade 3 'Veterans Day'

Li-Ning Way Of Wade 3 ‘Veterans Day’

Li-Ning Way Of Wade 3 'Jungle'

Li-Ning Way Of Wade 3 ‘Jungle’



  1. Forgot to mention, if it’s anything like the upper on the WOW 2 screws, it should be good to play in. The upper is pretty stiff and supportive.

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