Li-Ning Announces $250 1 of 30 Way of Wade 6 ‘Moment’ for All-Star Weekend

Why the Way of Wade 6 ‘Moment’ has received a $100 price hike is unclear, but the Wade Brand will be hosting a pop-up at the Los Angeles Athletic Club for All-Star Weekend.

Announced moments ago, the Way of Wade 6 ‘Moment’ is Li-Ning’s All-Star Weekend release. Limited to just 30 pairs, the brand will be holding a raffle for this grey, iridescent, and blue sneaker.

Hosted at the Los Angeles Athletic Club at 12PM on February 17, the pop-up event will include appearances by Dwyane Wade, Udonis Haslem, and Tyler Johnson. To enter the raffle, check out the information below.

The Way of Wade 6 ‘Moment’ will retail for $250, instead of the usual $150-160, and it is an LA exclusive that will not release online.

You can learn more about Dwyane Wade’s sixth signature sneaker by checking out AnotherPair’s Li-Ning Way of Wade 6 Performance Review.

way of wade 6 all star 1


Image via @wayofwade


  1. Why the Way of Wade 6 ‘Moment’ has received a $100 price hike is unclear “because F*CK you that’s why”. Exact quote from every shoe company Exec.

    Limited, special, exclusive, hyped, etc….. God I hate the HYPE train involving sneakers these days. It seems worse than ever this All Star break. Took an L on the PG2 PS’s and Jordan 3 Free Throw Line. Not even gonna try on any of the Undefeated Kobe 1’s (and I live in SoCal).

    1. I remember those early WoWs limited edition they had before that were selling for $500. those went nowhere and greatly devalued since. on the otherhand, despite the outrage and hype, it’s not as bad as the BBB or rebadged BrandBlacks that people were supporting or hyping before. now those are a total ripoff or downright fraud.

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