The LeBron 16 ‘Fresh Bred’, LeBron James’ Latest Sneaker, is Available Now

On Tuesday, WearTesters reported that LeBron James’ newest basketball shoe with Nike, the LeBron 16 ‘Fresh Bred’, had launched early at Shoe Palace. Now, the shoe has released everywhere as scheduled.

Designed by long-time LeBron collaborator Jason Petrie, the LeBron 16 is more of an iterative update to last year’s LeBron 15 rather than a whole new beast. The shoe debuts Battleknit 2.0, with improved tensile strength, and finally adds outriggers the full-length Max Zoom cushioning unit.

The shoe also features a lower cut, something the King himself requested. “The first thing we wanted to do was get a little lower in the cut of the shoe,” said LeBron James in a statement. “I wanted to get a little faster, ride a little bit closer to the court and be a little bit more dynamic.” The new collar height also comes with a new gusseted leather tongue that should allow for seamless entry into the shoe and more versatile wear off-court.

The Nike LeBron 16 ‘Fresh Bred’ is available now for $185 at, Foot Locker, Champs Sports, and Nike. Boys sizes retail for $160.

Stay tuned for Nightwing2303’s LeBron 16 Performance Review in the coming weeks.

lebron 16 fresh bred lebron james

nike lebron 16 fresh bred lebron james

nike lebron 16 battleknit 2.0

nike lebron 16 tongue

nike lebron 16 heel

nike lebron 16 tooling

Nike Lebron 16 fresh bred


Images courtesy of Nike


  1. Just picked them up at house of hoops in south Florida. No line at all! I’m a wide footer and the fit was snug. All you fortunate narrow footers should be happy with this one. I bought true to size in hopes of changing the lacing. The lacing system has been promoted heavily to fit every foot type but is very difficult to change. Took a couple minutes to change one lace. Lock down is similar to the dame 4s. Hooping in them tomorrow and hoping lockdown will be better than the Dame 4s because those were not great. I have very high hopes for this shoe based on all the improvements from the 15 (like adding an OUTRIGGER). Also wide footers that go true to size should wear thin socks.

    Yo Nightwing2303 if your looking for a wide footer reviewer come talk to me! Us flinstone feets need love too!

      1. Hooped in them today. Full length max zoom felt AMAZING. Stability was on point. Not a fan of these new lacing systems and makes the heal slip a little. I’m and old school hyperdunk player and prefer the high lacing. Would def recommend these though!

  2. Copped these online. No one carries a size 16 in store. The Nike desktop site wouldn’t work, but the Nike app did fine. Overnighted to me. Cannot wait for Saturday hoops.

      1. Love the feel on trying them on. They tend to run long, so I need the lacing system to lock me in. So let me warn anyone thinking of locking in by re-lacing using the more widely spaced lace holes, it may take some serious time.

        The forefoot battleknit isnt as easily manipulated or flexible as the midfoot and ankle areas. As the tongue is sewn directly to the upper, and not sewn in under the lacing system internally, there is no access to the lace holes from inside the shoe. This means you have to put the laces through two holes on the same side. That’s not a big deal the further up you go on the shoe. But it makes it damn frustrating on the forefoot lacing section.

        In short, don’t re-lace these shoes unless you have dexterous, strong fingers, and a ton of patience!

        The lockdown is better for me on the shoe I completed, so working on the other shoe now.

        1. You are not lying! Relacing these are a real pain in the ass. You changed to the wider laces and like the lockdown better? I love the shoe but there’s definite heal slippage now. Strange because the fit is perfect and snug. Definitely feel like it’s a lacing issue. The lockdown is so-so.

      2. Played for 90 minutes Saturday. Enjoyed the session.

        -The cushion may take a bit of breaking in, but the impact protection was noticeable.
        -Traction felt better than the 15. May need break-im time, as right now it doesn’t bite quite as well as I expected.
        – Lockdown may be an issue for some. I felt fine. Some dead space in the shoe, but just like the 15s, doubled up on socks and it was fine.

  3. I went TTS. Definitely felt like I’d be toe jamming when I tried half-down. I re-laced to cheese the “2”-“3”, but wanted to also run with the wider holes. Locks down pretty well and skipping a couple rows makes for a near-speed lacing setup. I can’t make the apples-to-apples comparison of width fit, but going TTS I do feel like there’s some leeway for wide-footers. Ridiculously slipper-like to put on.

    More confidence in the tooling and traction compared to the 15. Toe feels natural. I can already tell it wouldn’t be my first choice, but a cool step upon the 15.

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