The Latest Episode of #MayorMondays for KicksUSA is Live

He’s back to being a lean, mean, fighting machine — and he’s back to bending up his Undefeated IVs.

KicksUSA has partnered with Mayor for a series called Mayor Mondays. The series will delve into Mayor’s extensive sneaker collection — one of the greatest compiled to this day — as well as his watches, jewelry, and more.

Last week, Mayor showed off an interesting Air Jordan III ‘Black Cement’ sample that was constructed with nubuck instead of leather. According to Mayor, there may be only three in existence. This week, KicksUSA is taking a look at Mayor’s Undefeated IVs.

You can check out the latest episode below and share your thoughts in the comments.


  1. why would you do that? I’m not into collecting but its kind of a slap in the face of people who are. its like buying a museum painting just so you can take a piss on it

    1. I think there are some significant differences with artwork in museums and sneakers. Sneakers are products, designed to make money — art is very different, in a fundamental way isn’t it? I would never say that sneakers can’t be art in their design and execution, but sneakers (not customs) are not art. They are consumer goods.
      Additionally, what comes with consumer goods is generally this attitude: x pays for sneaker and x can do whatever x wants with said sneaker because it is now x’s property.
      Just my thoughts!

      1. Agreed.
        “Sleeping every night next to Mona Lisa
        The modern day version with better features
        Yellow Basquiat in my kitchen corner
        Go ‘head, lean on that shit Blue, you own it”
        Picasso Baby
        Jay Z

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