New Brand Alert: The LANE EIGHT Trainer AD 1 is Designed for Lives in Motion

LANE EIGHT is a new footwear brand founded by brothers James and Josh Shorrock. In an effort to address the shortcomings of corporate-made footwear, LANE EIGHT has unveiled its debut Trainer AD 1.

Designed to subvert the categorical constraints of the footwear larger brands produce, the founders of LANE EIGHT have taken the experience they gathered in the footwear industry to create a shoe that works for everyday athletes everywhere.

LANE EIGHT knit upper reinforcement

By focusing on both form and function, the LANE EIGHT Trainer AD 1 should be able to handle the most strenuous workouts and transition seamlessly to enhancing day-to-day outfits. The Trainer AD 1 sports a knit upper with premium suede overlays that focus on support. Beneath the knit is a thin layer of reinforcement that is intelligently designed not to restrict breathability and ventilation.


The shoe rides atop LANE EIGHT’s ETPU Cushioning — which looks and feels a lot like adidas’ Boost. Like Boost (and Puma’s NRGY). the full-length midsole is created by steam molding thousands of ETPU pellets together for great energy return.

That bouncy cushion is caged by a TPU support system that wraps the midsole. Additionally, a thick ETPU sockliner — which uses ETPU pellets in a PU matrix — is included to enhance step-in comfort, and it shouldn’t become flat over time like other insoles.


The LANE EIGHT Trainer AD 1 is available now at for $160 in three colorways: Pink Heather, Chalk White, and Dusty Tan. Sizes for both men and women are stocked. Fit note: if you are the slightest bit widefooted go up a half size.

What do you think about the first footwear offerings from this new brand? Sound off in the comments below.

LANE EIGHT Trainer AD 1 new brand

LANE EIGHT trainer AD 1 pink heather

LANE EIGHT Trainer AD 1 white

LANE EIGHT Trainer AD 1 on foot close

LANE EIGHT Trainer AD 1 release date

LANE EIGHT Trainer AD 1 running


LANE EIGHT Trainer AD 1 on foot 1LANE EIGHT Trainer AD 1 on foot 1

LANE EIGHT Trainer AD 1 on foot




  1. What I’m understanding to be a literal Boost-like insole has me double-taking. But yeah, I’m not into the colors either. Maybe the tan, but. Wow. That insole. I know there’s some renditions floating around, and Adidas supposedly dropping some soon. But still.

    1. I think it shows that LANE EIGHT is serious when it’s coming with dope tech like this right out the gate — and for only $160. That’s way less than what adi charges and the quality on adi definitely isn’t as good

  2. Not bad. Definitely takes some cues from the design language from what other brands (mostly Adidas and Puma) are putting out lately. I know its summer but a blackout version of these would probably be sick. Anything that might feel similar to Boost has my attention. Thanks for the introduction. Might have to pick these up when I get some money.

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