Kobe’s Updated 98xCRAZYBYW Will Release in adidas’ Never Made Collection of Hybrids

The adidas Never Made Collection is a new footwear concept from the three stripes brand that reimagines iconic silhouettes from 30 years of the brand’s design. Once a rumor, the 98xCRAZYBYW is finally official.

In an effort to reinvent icons from the adidas archive, adidas has swapped the soles of classic silhouettes for the brand’s contemporary and innovative toolings. The Never Made Collection includes eight styles inspired by the company’s internal design workshops.

adidas COUNTRYxKAMANDA never made

adidas has drawn from its ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s footwear styles to create three series in the Never Made Collection. First, the “Line of Descent” series takes vintage silhouettes like the Marathon, one of the brand’s earliest running silhouettes, and updates it with Boost technology to create the MARATHONx5923. Moreover, the vintage-inspired I-5923 has been remixed it with the 4D carbon-printed outsole to create the Ix4D. Finally, the COUNTRYxKAMANDA ($130) merges aggressive all-terrain-inspired detailing from two eras, according to adidas.

adidas MICROPACERxR1 never made

The “Genealogy of NMD” series updates ’80s silhouettes like the MicroPacer and Rising Star with the NMD_R1 Boost tooling — one of the brand’s latest hits — to create the MICROPACERxR1 ($200), BOSTONSUPERxR1 ($140), and RISINGSTARxR1 ($150).

adidas ZX930xEQT never made

Lastly, the “Genetically Modified ’90s Tech” series taps two of adidas’ storied technologies, Feet You Wear and EQT, and adds Boost tooling to create the 98xCRAZYBYW ($170) and ZX930xEQT ($170).

adidas has not announced pricing information for many of the Never Made Collection silhouettes but the entire pack will release globally on October 17.

Let us know which hybrid “Never Made” style is your favorite in the comments below.


adidas MARATHONx5923 never madeadidas MARATHONx5923 never made collection


adidas Ix4d never made adidas Ix4d never made adidas Ix4d never made collection

adidas COUNTRYxKAMANDA never made adidas COUNTRYxKAMANDA never made collection
adidas MICROPACERxR1 never made collection adidas MICROPACERxR1 never made
adidas BOSTONSUPERxR1 never made collection adidas BOSTONSUPERxR1 never made collection adidas BOSTONSUPERxR1 never made
adidas RISINGSTARxR1 never made adidas RISINGSTARxR1 never made collection
adidas 98xCRAZYBYW never made collection kobe bryant adidas 98xCRAZYBYW never made collection adidas 98xCRAZYBYW never made kbe II

adidas ZX930xEQT never made collection adidas ZX930xEQT never made adidas ZX930xEQT never made collection


Source: adidas


  1. So does this mean the BYW will not be available separately, but that you have to buy a whole pack?

    I love the originals but don’t want to have to buy all these other shoes too.

  2. On the fence with the 98. Rewatching Nightwing’s review on that upper, fit is hopefully still on-point. Cool in its own way. Just don’t know if it’s one of those shoes that are only cool for like 2 minutes. I’m guilty of making those purchases. Seems like a good idea at first, could be a pretty good shoe, but then not one I’m not going back to as much as I expected.

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